All Culinary Techniques

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Culinary Techniques

Basic Braising Liquid Recipes
How to Braise Meat (General Tutorial)
How to Braise Osso Bucco
How to Brine Meat & Poultry
How to Butcher/Break Down a Whole Wild Boar
How to Cook a Steak (3 methods)
How to Cook Steaks Sous Vide
How to Cut Up a Rabbit Fryer
How to Cut a Whole Beef Flat Iron into Steaks
How to Debone a Rack
How to Debone Duck Legs for Stuffing
How to Dry Age Beef at Home
How to French Bones
How to Grill Burgers
How to Make Sausage
How to Make Oil Marinades for Meat
How to Prep Sweet Breads
How to Remove Silver Skin
How to Tell Meat Doneness by Feel
How to Tie Lamb Racks for a rounder eye.
How to Trim Lamb Racks into boneless loins or fancy “lamb spider racks.”

Poultry & Eggs:
How to Brine Meat & Poultry
How to Cut Up Poultry
How to Pan Roast a Poultry Breast
How to Poach an Egg
How to Render Duck Fat
How to Truss & Bard Poultry

How to Break Down a Whole Fish
How to Clean a Dungeness Crab
How to Clean a Geoduck
How to Clean a Soft Shell Crab
How to Cook Crab Legs
How to De-Vein Shrimp/Prawns with the Shell On
How to Grill a Whole Fish
How to Grill Oysters
How to Open a Clam
How to Open an Oyster
How to Pan Sear Fish
How to Poach Fish
How to Prep Live Mussels
How to Remove Fish Skin
How to Roast a Whole Fish in a Salt Crust
How to Steam Shellfish
How to Store Live Shellfish

How to Convert Fresh to Dried Mushrooms in Recipes
How to Flute Mushrooms
How to Grind Mushroom Powder
How to Preserve and Store Fresh Mushrooms
How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms
How to Thaw/Cook Frozen Porcini Mushrooms
How to Cook with Candy Cap Mushrooms

How to Cook with Fresh Truffles
How to Store Fresh Truffles
How to Taste Truffle Oil Like an Expert

How to Caramelize Onions
How to Cut Citrus Supremes
How to Clean Ramps
How to Grill Cactus Pads
How to Make a Gremolata
How to Make Guacamole
How to Make Mirepoix
How to Make Potato Chips (also Taro Chips & Lotus Chips)
How to Make Tapenade
How to Open a Fresh Coconut
How to Pickle Ramps
How to Prep Fiddlehead Ferns
How to Prep Guajes (Huajes)
How to Prep Stinging Nettles
How to Preserve Citrus Fruit
How to Quick Pickle
How to Roast Fresh Chile Peppers
How to Roast Potatoes the Way Chefs Do
How to Roast Sunchokes/Jerusalem Artichokes
How to Roast Tomatillos
How to Soak & Cook Dry Beans
How to Use Fresh Wasabi

Herbs & Spices:
How to Grind Whole Spices
How to Make a Bouquet Garni/Sachet
How to Make Herb Oil
How to Make Herb Syrups
How to Make Vanilla Extract
How to Make Vanilla Scented Sugar
How to Store Vanilla Beans
How to Use Saffron
How to Use a Vanilla Bean
How to Use/Save Dried Out Vanilla Beans

How to Choose the Right Variety of Risotto Rice
How to Cook Emmer/Farro Pilaf
How to Cook Lentils
How to Cook Soft Polenta
How to Cook Rice Pilaf
How to Make Pan Fried Rice Cakes
How to Make Risotto and Embellish It

Sauces/Poaching Liquids:
How to Make Beurre Blanc
How to Make Beurre Fondue
How to Make a Gastrique
How to Make Mayonnaise/Aioli by Hand
How to Make Mayonnaise/Aioli Using a Food Processor
How to Make Romesco
How to Make a Vinaigrette

Dried Chilies:
Dried Chile Heat Scale
How to Make Chilies Less Spicy
How to Make Chile Pastes
How to Make Chile Powders
How to Reconstitute Dried Chilies

Edible Flowers:
How to Candy Flowers
How to Make Edible Flower Pastes
How to Use Szechuan Buttons in Beverages & Cocktails
How to Stuff Squash Blossoms

Stock Making:
Cardinal Rules of Stock Making
How to Make Chicken Stock
How to Make Dark Duck Stock
How to Make Dashi
How to Make a Quick Fish Fumet
How to Make a Traditional Fish Fumet
How to Fortify a Fish Fumet
How to Make Fish Stock
How to Make Lobster Stock
How to Make Veal Demi Glace
How to Make Veal Stock
How to Make Vegetable Stock
How to Make Red Wine Demi-Glace

Dessert Sauce Recipes
General Sorbet Tips
How to Candy Citrus Peel
How to Candy Citrus Slices
How to Make Flavored Sugars
How to Make Herb Syrups
How to Make a Paper Piping Bag (aka a Cornet)
How to Make Simple Syrup
How to Write on a Plate with Chocolate

How to Flash-Infuse Alcohol
How to Make Herb Syrups
How to Make Simple Syrup

Knife Cut Tutorials:
The Roll Cut

Classy, Yet Easy Soup Garnishes
How to Clarify Butter
How to Defrost Food
How to Freeze Better at Home
How to Make Bread Crumbs
How to Make Compound Butter
How to Make Fresh Pasta & Squid Ink Pasta
How to Make a Quenelle
How to Make a Roux
How to Make Tempura Batter
Substitutes for Butcher’s Twine

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