How to Make Fluted Mushrooms

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How to Make Fluted Mushrooms

Fluting mushrooms is a decorative technique used to add a beautiful pattern to the tops of white button mushrooms. It isn’t complicated, but will take a little practice to achieve a perfect result.
Here’s a demonstration video:


Buy large white button mushrooms with the most beautiful & even caps possible.


Hold a sharp paring knife with the half way point of the blade at the center of the mushroom cap, angled down to control the depth you want the cut to be. Hold the mushroom in your other hand by the stem.


Twist the knife in one way and the mushroom in the other to create a shallow, crescent moon-shaped cut in the top of the mushroom (see video).


Turn the mushroom enough to queue up the next cut.


Repeat steps 3 & 4 as necessary until you’ve covered the whole top of the mushroom.


Brush off any trailing bits of mushroom from cutting the top. Flip the mushroom over and trim off the stem to give the mushroom a flat bottom.


Optional: Roast and/or sear the mushrooms until the tops have browned to accentuate the fluting.

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