Specialty Poultry & Game Bird Recipes

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Poultry Recipes

Here you will find all the recipes & technique posts we’ve created for our specialty poultry & game birds. Click a category below to view the recipes on the Marx Foods blog using that ingredient.

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  1. Well the tasting panel has started the review of the sausages and here are the initial findings:

    1 of each of the following were simply grilled on an indoor grill pan and served with grilled onions and roasted peppers.

    Venison w/merlot & blueberries
    Good texture and overall flavor but just a touch sweet for my palate. I know vension and blueberries are a common paring but perhaps with roasted pasilla peppers instead? I would eat it again but not my first choice.

    Venison w/red wine & demi glace
    Of the 2 venison options I liked this much more. From chew to flavor, a winner.

    Boar w/roasted garlic & marsala
    My favorite of the 4 tasted in this round. Nice meaty mouth feel & great flavor.

    Duck w/foie gras & sauterne wine
    Obviously more delicate in texture but I love foie gras and would happily eat this again. Glad I had some contrasting textures with the onions and pepeprs.



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