How to De-Vein Shrimp with the Shell On

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How to De-Vein Shrimp with the Shell On

Shrimp, prawns & lobsters have a dark “vein” that runs through their tails. It’s actually their digestive tract and can impart unpleasant flavors if you leave it in.

Removing it from peeled shrimp is pretty easy, you just use a knife to cut into the body meat along the length of the body, just deep enough to expose the vein. Then you pull it out.

Here’s how to de-vein shrimp without actually removing the shell:


Snip up the back of the shell with cooking shears, just deep enough into the meat to reveal the “vein”.


Pull the vein out of the shrimp through the cut in the shell.


Rinse out the shrimp where the vein used to be.

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