How to Tie Lamb Racks

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How to Tie Lamb Racks

Tying lamb racks with loops of butchers twine tightens & compacts the meat, giving it the iconic round shape instead of an elongated oval.

Here’s a video of our chef working with a Merino lamb rack (though of course it’ll work with conventional lamb as well):


For a prettier presentation, further trim the meat between the bones to turn the rack into a “lamb spider rack” (how to).


Tie a loop around the meat between the first and second rib on a side. Pull the twine tight until the meat becomes more tube-shaped within the loop.


Tie off the loop, cut off the excess, and repeat with another loop between the next set of bones.


Repeat as necessary until there’s a loop of twine in every gap between bones.


Roast the lamb rack as you normally would, though note that it may take slightly longer to cook than an un-compacted rack.

When the rack comes out of the oven (before or after the rest), cut and remove the twine.


Serve whole or slice into chops as you normally would.

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