How to Cut Citrus Supremes

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How to Cut Citrus Supremes

What is a citrus supreme? A supreme is essentially a citrus segment with the ribs of connective pith that hold the fruit together removed.  When done correctly (this takes practice) the result is a uniform, beautiful decorative wedge that can be used as garnish (perhaps for a roasted whole coho salmon) or as an ingredient in desserts, salads, and savory dishes.

How to cut supremes:



Cut off the top and bottom of the citrus fruit (here we are using blood oranges)  to create flat surfaces to steady it during cutting.



Shave the rind off the sides of citrus fruit in a smooth curved motion (as one would cut the skin off a melon). Start shallow first, then go back for another pass as needed. The white ribs between each wedge of fruit should become exposed.



Over a bowl to catch any juice, cut in at an angle along both sides of each rib to remove thin wedges of fruit. Squeeze the remaining center to extract any remaining juice.


It takes practice for photogenic rather than anemic supremes, but once you’ve done it a few times the results are worth all your hard work.

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