How to Butcher a Whole Wild Boar

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Video Tutorials

Here’s our guide to taking a whole wild boar and processing it into a wide range of cuts from shoulder roasts to porterhouse chops. Simply click on the menu options below for more information and a video demonstrating the technique.




Separating – – – – – – – – Separating
Splitting Forequarters Splitting Saddle Splitting Hindquarters
Cutting Short Ribs Separating Belly & Loin Deboning Ham & Cutting Hindshank
Cutting Foreshanks Cutting Porterhouse
Deboning Shoulder Cutting St. Louis
Spare Ribs
Trussing Shoulder Roast Cleaning the Rack
Cutting Coppa & Stew
Frenching the Rack
Cutting Rib Chops
Deboning the Saddle

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