Wild Boar Butchery: Cutting Porterhouse Chops

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Wild Boar Butchery: Cutting Porterhouse Chops

Once you’ve separated the belly portion of the loin from the ribcage, and cut the belly away, the remaining loin can be cut into small, yet delicious porterhouse chops.

Because you’re going to be cutting through the vertebrae to separate each chop, you’ll need a sharp boning knife and either
a) a heavy cleaver and a hand saw.
b) a band saw.

Porterhouse chops are delicious pan seared or grilled. They’ll likely cook faster than pork chops because wild boar is such a lean meat. Try pairing them with sauces or sides featuring ingredients like fresh berries, rosemary, juniper berries, red wine, prunes, apples, thyme or other flavors that are traditionally paired with pork or game meats.

Here’s how you do it:

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