Wild Boar Butchery: Cutting Rib Chops

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Wild Boar Butchery: Cutting Rib Chops

Once you’ve finished cleaning the rack and have removed the chine bone, you can cut it into individual rib chops.

You’re going to need a heavy cleaver to separate the chops from each other and cleave the bottom bone off of each chop.

The finished rib chops can be seared, roasted, grilled or broiled. They will cook more quickly than pork chops because wild boar is so much leaner. Try saucing them with sauces incorporating game-friendly ingredients like juniper berries, huckleberries, red wine or rosemary. Here’s an example huckleberry sauce recipe.

Wild boar chops can also be paired with pork friendly flavors, as in this recipe.

Here’s how you do it (we’ve already frenched the rack in this video):

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