How to Make Mire Poix

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Mire poix is one of those classic ingredients in French cooking. Many recipes by professional chefs call for it without explaining how to make it. Mire Poix is easy to make. Here’s how:

2 parts onion, chopped
1 part celery, chopped
1 part carrot, chopped

1. Add to hot pan with a high-temp oil
2. Cook on high for a few minutes until vegetables are slightly carmelized (browned)

That’s it. Now, you’ve made mire poix.

Variation: White Mire Poix.
1 part onion, chopped
1 part celery, chopped
1 part leek, chopped

Same technique as above.

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  3. Hi Diane,

    You certainly could! In fact, a great many recipes do, although at that point you’ve taken it from a basic building block towards being part a recipe (like a soup, stew, braise, etc), if that makes sense.

    I hope that helps!

    Marx Foods

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