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Here you will find all the recipes we’ve created for the blog that can be used with our bulk seafood. Simply click the links below to check out our recipe collections.

Seafood Tips & Techniques Seafood Tips & Techniques

Recipes By Product Type:

Black Cod Recipes Black Cod Recipes
Roe & Caviar Recipes Caviar & Roe Recipes
Clam Recipes Clam Recipes
Crab Recipes & Techniques Crab Recipes
Halibut Cheek Recipes Fish Cheek Recipes
Fish Fillet Recipes Fish Fillet Recipes & Techniques
Geoduck Recipes Geoduck Recipes
Lobster Recipes & Techniques Lobster Recipes
Live Mussel Recipes Mussel Recipes
Oyster Recipes & Techniques Oyster Recipes & Techniques
Salmon Recipes & Techniques Salmon Recipes & Techniques
Scallop Recipes Scallop Recipes
Shrimp & Prawn Recipes Shrimp & Prawn Recipes
Smoked Fish Recipes Smoked Fish Recipes
Squid Recipes
Squid Ink Recipes Squid Ink Recipes
Whole Fish Recipes & Techniques Whole Fish Recipes & Techniques

Seafood Recipes Submitted by Our Readers & Customers:
Oyster Recipe Collection Oyster Recipe Collection
Salmon Recipe Collection Salmon Recipe Collection

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    Hi Neil,

    Unfortunately we do not currently ship outside of the US. If you’re hoping to purchase a nonperishable item, the best option we can offer you is to ship it to a US-based friend or family member who could then forward it along to you in Austria.


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    Most of our perishable products are shipped via FedEx overnight, so they take a day in transit. If you place your order by 10AM EST you could have the item the next day!

    Our non-perishables tend to ship via UPS Ground (though they can be upgraded), and can ship from a variety of locations…some of which can take a day or two to ship the item. As a result, it largely depends on what you order. If you’d like a more specific estimate, all you have to do is let us know the specific item you want and your shipping zip code.

    We do not make our own seasonings, however we can special order a wide variety of seasoning blends for you (in bulk quantities only) if there’s one you’re looking for. Just contact us with the seasoning you have in mind and we’ll see what we can do for you!


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