Cocktail & Beverage Recipes


“El Weird But Good” Shandy

  “El Weird But Good” Shandy The name says it all.  This ingredient list probably looks very strange, but trust us, the results are quite tasty!  The simple syrup recipe will make extra syrup, so you’ll have plenty for a
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“La Palma” Cocktail Recipe

  “La Palma” Cocktail Recipe   This drink is a play on a negroni made with pomegranate molasses for extra depth.   Ingredients: 1oz Gin 1oz Sweet Red Vermouth 1/3oz Campari 1/3oz Aperol 1/3oz Pomegranate Molasses 1 dash Scrappy’s Aromatic
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How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

Flowers with ice cubes in them make beautiful, elegant garnishes for water, signature cocktails, lemonade & other beverages.  They’re a particularly good choice for weddings or summer/spring entertaining. It’s important to use only edible flowers for these, as flowers from
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“South by Southwest” Cocktail Recipe

  “South by Southwest” Sorghum Cocktail Recipe This sorghum cocktail evokes tiki drinks with its blend of bite, spice, fruitiness & sweetness. Ingredients: 2oz Black Rum 1 1/2oz Sorghum Simple Syrup (50/50 sorghum syrup & water) 1oz Lime Juice 2
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“Sayulita” Cocktail Recipe

  “Sayulita” Cocktail Recipe   Sweet, spicy, herbal & fruity, this complex cocktail is a beautiful green color that really draws the eye.   Ingredients: 1 1/2oz Silver Tequila 3/4oz Orange Juice 3/4oz Cointreau 1 pinch Aleppo Pepper ¼ cup
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“Nordic Track” Cocktail Recipe

  “Nordic Track” Cocktail Recipe This cocktail is grassy, refreshing & sweet with extra fruity bite from the lingonberry sauce garnish. Ingredients: 2oz Aquavit 5 Fresh Mint Leaves 1/2oz Cucumber Vinegar 1/4oz Gum Syrup Garnish: 1 tbsp Lingonberry Preserves Mint
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“Mule Hound” Cocktail Recipe

  This cocktail is a refreshing hybrid of two traditional favorites: a Moscow Mule & a Greyhound.   Ingredients:                       Makes 2 Drinks 4oz Vodka 2” of Ginger Root, Peeled & Chopped 6oz Grapefruit Juice 1/2oz Gum Syrup Squeeze of Lemon
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Grownups’ Coffee Milkshake

  Grownups’ Coffee Milkshake This milkshake is a dream – creamy with plenty of rich coffee flavor and just the right amount of alcohol to add a certain je ne sais quoi. Ingredients:                            Makes 2 Milkshakes 2 cups Premium Vanilla
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“Palabra Finalmente” Cocktail Recipe

  “Palabra Finalmente” Cocktail Recipe This cocktail is smokily refreshing! Ingredients: 1 1/2oz Silver Tequila 1/2oz Mezcal 1/4oz Green Chartreuse 1/2oz Tart Cherry Grenadine 1/2oz Lime Juice Garnish: Lime Wheel Directions: Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a martini
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“Ozark Negroni” Cocktail Recipe

  “Ozark Negroni” Sorghum Cocktail Recipe This negroni gets its faint sweetness from a sorghum simple syrup rather than sweet vermouth, adding complexity to the blend of floral gin and bitter campari. Ingredients: 1oz Floral Gin (we used Uncle Val’s)
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“What the Doctor Ordered” Cocktail Recipe

“What the Doctor Ordered” Cocktail Recipe   Think of a more complex, gingery negroni and you’ll start to have a sense of what this complicated, delicious sipping cocktail is like.  Plus it’s healthy!  Ok, healthier than your typical cocktail.  
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Turmeric Jamu Tonic

Turmeric, Lime, Ginger & Honey Jamu Tonic   Sweet, savory & tangy, this tonic is both good for you (packed with ginger and turmeric, plus vitamin c from the lime), and delicious.   Take care not to overdo it.  Turmeric
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