Cocktail & Beverage Recipes

Cocktail Recipe “Devil Bird”">devil_bird-THMB

Cocktail Recipe “Devil Bird”">

Spicy, sweet, and tangy – this isn’t a cocktail you’ll sip absent-mindedly.  Its devious deliciousness demands your attention. Ingredients:                Makes 1 Drink 2 oz Silver Tequila (we used Milagro Silver) 5 Sprigs of Fresh Cilantro 2 Green Thai Chilies ¼ oz
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Cocktail Recipe “The Honeymaker”">mayflower

Cocktail Recipe “The Honeymaker”">

The Honeymaker blends bright orange and vinegar with the smoothness of honey & bourbon.  Increasing your Vitamin C intake just got a lot more exciting! Ingredients:                            
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Cocktail Recipe “Ginger Bud”">ginger-bud-THMB

Cocktail Recipe “Ginger Bud”">

Lemony, fruity, piney & refreshing. Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a Seattle exclusive (unlike other sodas, it needs to be refrigerated).  If you can’t get your hands on some, substitute the strongest (preferably lemony) ginger beer you can find. Ingredients:       Makes
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Cocktail Recipe: “The Mayflower”">honeymaker

Cocktail Recipe: “The Mayflower”">

In The Mayflower the bite of gin is mellowed with honey and brightened with vinegar.  The bitters add body, and the soda water smooths everything together to create a drink that’s light and delicious. Ingredients:                       Makes 1 Drink 1 oz
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Cocktail Recipe: “The Pine Car”">pinecar

Cocktail Recipe: “The Pine Car”">

This play on the traditional Sidecar cocktail has rich, deep, musky & piney notes thanks to the pine cone bud syrup. Ingredients:                       Makes 1 Drink 1 ¼ oz Brandy ½ oz Lemon Juice ½ oz Pine Cone Bud Syrup Garnish:
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Cranberry Mojito">cranberry_mojito-THMB

Cranberry Mojito">

Beautiful and addictive, this refreshing cocktail is fruitier and less tart than the standard mojito. Starvation Alley Farm’s Cranberry Juice is a Seattle exclusive (it’s unpasteurized and needs to be refrigerated).  If you can’t get your hands on some, you
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Cocktail Recipe “Lemon Dotty”">lemon_dotty-THMB

Cocktail Recipe “Lemon Dotty”">

A whiskey sour that’s actually more of a whiskey sweet, if you take our meaning.  The woody notes of the bourbon blend with lemon and simple syrup into a drink that’s comforting and relaxing rather than piquant. Ingredients:       Makes 1
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Cocktail Recipe “Bermuda Chai”">bermuda_chai-THMB

Cocktail Recipe “Bermuda Chai”">

This unusual cocktail combines a smooth, citrusy base with notes of ginger and cardamom. Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a Seattle exclusive (unlike other sodas, it needs to be refrigerated).  If you can’t get your hands on some, substitute the strongest
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Scrappy Cherry Manhattan">scrappy_cherry_manhattan-THMB

Scrappy Cherry Manhattan">

Sweet, fruity & woody this delightful twist on a classic Manhattan cocktail uses all the flavor in a jar of Luxardo cherries to good effect. Ingredients:       Makes 1 Drink 1 oz Bourbon (we used Bulleit) ½ oz Sweet Vermouth
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Spiced Plum Cocktail">spiced_plum-cocktail_THMB

Spiced Plum Cocktail">

Complex and elegant – this cocktail is a real conversation-starter.  Buckwheat honey has a molasses-y flavor that really pairs nicely with the musky plum, woody bourbon and smoked salt. Ingredients:             Makes 1 Drink 1 1/2oz Maker’s Mark Bourbon 2 tsp
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Shagbark Mai Tai">shagbark_mai_tai-THMB

Shagbark Mai Tai">

In this drink the “oaked” flavor of shagbark syrup and the sweet muskiness of dark rum combine to evoke bourbon without the bite.  This is a fruity cocktail where you don’t really taste the alcohol. Ingredients:             Makes 1 Drink 1
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Hibiscus – Rose Margarita">hibiscus-rose_margarita-THMB

Hibiscus – Rose Margarita">

This is a stunning take on a classic margarita that uses hibiscus for some of the classic citrus tang, with rose adding complexity. You’ll likely have extra hibiscus sugar left over after making the rim.  Try sprinkling it on desserts
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