Cocktail & Beverage Recipes


“Gin & Somic” Cocktail Recipe

  “Gin & Somic” Cocktail Recipe This drink is a play on a gin & tonic that is herby rather than bitter. Ingredients: 1oz Gin (we used Uncle Vals) 1/2oz Thai Basil Drinking Vinegar 1/4oz Lime Juice 3 Mint Leaves,
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“Jalisco Smoke” Cocktail

  “Jalisco Smoke” Cocktail This smoky, herby, citrusy, spiced drink brings a lot of flavor to every sip. Ingredients: 5 sprigs Fresh Cilantro ¼ tsp Smoky Chile Powder Recipe 1oz Lime Juice ¾oz Simple Syrup (50/50 sugar/water) 1 1/4oz Silver
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15 Incredible Spiced Cocktail Recipes

Choose Your Spice Choose Your Spirit Elderflower Szechuan Peppercorn Vanilla Saffron Fennel Pollen Vodka Elderflower Vodka Gimlet Saffron Martini Gin Elderflower White Lady Szechuan Vesper Fennel Corpse Reviver #2 Rum Elderflower Mojito Vanilla Old Cuban Vanilla Rum Old Fashioned Saffron
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Vanilla Old Cuban Cocktail

  Vanilla Old Cuban Smooth, and herby, this cocktail is like a fizzy version of a mojito, with the sweetness & vanilla flavor of the syrup accentuating the characteristics of the rum. Ingredients: 6 Fresh Mint Leaves 1 1/4oz White
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Saffron Rye Whiskey Sour

  Saffron Rye Whiskey Sour Love whiskey sours, but ready to play around with something new?  This variation takes your taste buds for a fascinating ride with the bitter-sweet-grassy-honeyed flavor of saffron. Ingredients: 2oz Rye Whiskey (we used Bulleit) 1/2oz
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Bourbon Quince Shrub Cocktail

  Bourbon Quince Shrub Cocktail Like fall in a glass, this cocktail blends smooth bourbon with a fruity, honeyed & tangy quince shrub, apple & cinnamon. Ingredients:                  Makes 1 Cocktail 1 3/4oz Bourbon (we used Bulliet) 1oz Unfiltered Apple Cider
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Elderflower Mojito

  Elderflower Mojito This mojito recipe substitutes elderflower syrup for the typical simple syrup.  The elderflower subtly accentuates the fresh, herby characteristics of the spearmint without stealing center stage itself. Ingredients:                       Makes 1 Cocktail 12 Fresh Mint Leaves 1/2oz Lime
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Fennel Sazerac

  Fennel Sazerac Cocktail Boozy & boldly spiced, this Sazerac recipe is made with a blend of bitters, fennel syrup, a heavier dose of rye whiskey & a light Pernod rinse instead of the typical absinthe/Herbsaint. Ingredients: 2 1/4oz Rye
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Gin, Pepper & Blueberry Shrub Cocktail

  Gin, Pepper & Blueberry Shrub Cocktail Fruity, tangy, and aromatic, this cocktail is topped with sparkling wine to make it a bit lighter & fizzy. Ingredients:                      Makes 1 Cocktail (plus extra syrup)  Raw Sugar Base Syrup: 1 cup Raw (Demerara)
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Szechuan Rye Old Fashioned Cocktail

  Szechuan Rye Old Fashioned Goodbye sugar cube, hello Szechuan pepper simple syrup!  With two types of bitters in the mix, this is a very complex, modern spin on the Old Fashioned.  Give it a try! Ingredient: 1/2oz Szechuan Peppercorn
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Fennel Aquavit Punch Cocktail

  Fennel Aquavit Punch This refreshing punch is fruity and creamy (thanks to the orgeat), given complexity by a fascinating blend of aromatics from the mint, aquavit and fennel pollen syrup. Ingredients: 12 Fresh Mint Leaves 1 1/2oz Aquavit ¼oz
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Pomegranate Violet Shrub Cocktail

  Pomegranate Violet Shrub Cocktail Tangy, fruity & floral – this cocktail’s one you’ve got to try! Ingredients:                  Makes 1 Cocktail 2oz Vodka (we used Tito’s) 1/2oz Pomegranate Drinking Vinegar 1/4oz Lemon Juice Thyme Leaves from 1 Sprig 1/4oz Crème
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