Cocktail & Beverage Recipes


“Orchard 75” Cocktail

Orchard 75 Cocktail This twist on a classic French 75 cocktail incorporates the bold fruity/tangy flavor of apple cider molasses. Ingredients:                                       Makes 1 Cocktail Prosecco 2oz Gin (we used Oola Gin) 2oz Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed) 1 tbsp Apple Cider
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Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Maple Syrup Old Fashioned Cocktail This twist on the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail adds cherry & maple notes. Ingredients:                                       Makes 1 Cocktail 2oz Bourbon (we recommend Buffalo Trace) ½ oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 1 Luxardo Cherry 1 ½” wedge of
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Cocktail Recipe: Cucumber Mint Fizz

Cocktail Recipe: Cucumber Mint Fizz Light, summery, refreshing, this cocktail could be considered a “stealth drink” – it looks just like a tall glass of sparkling water. It’s perfect for relaxing on balmy, breezy summer days. Ingredients: Makes 1 Drink
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Cranberry-Contreau Mimosa

Cranberry-Contreau Mimosa Cranberry for Concoctions is a special unsweetened cranberry juice produced by a small farm in Washington and available in our Seattle retail store. Unfortunately we’re not able to ship it across the country, but you could substitute conventional
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Blood Orange Manhattan

Blood Orange Manhattan Sweet and tangy, here’s our version of a Manhattan cocktail made with blood oranges. Ingredients: Makes 1 Cocktail 3 oz Blood Orange Juice 1 1/2 oz Bourbon (we used Maker’s Mark) ½ oz Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes
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Cocktail Recipe “Devil Bird”

Cocktail Recipe “Devil Bird” Spicy, sweet, and tangy – this isn’t a cocktail you’ll sip absent-mindedly. Its devious deliciousness demands your attention. Ingredients: Makes 1 Drink 2 oz Silver Tequila (we used Milagro Silver) 5 Sprigs of Fresh Cilantro 2
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Cocktail Recipe “The Honeymaker”

Cocktail Recipe “The Honeymaker” The Honeymaker blends bright orange and vinegar with the smoothness of honey & bourbon. Increasing your Vitamin C intake just got a lot more exciting! Ingredients: Makes 1 Drink Juice of 1 Orange 1 oz Bourbon
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Cocktail Recipe “Ginger Bud”

Cocktail Recipe “Ginger Bud” Lemony, fruity, piney & refreshing. Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a Seattle exclusive (unlike other sodas, it needs to be refrigerated). If you can’t get your hands on some, substitute the strongest (preferably lemony) ginger beer you
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Cocktail Recipe: “The Mayflower”

Cocktail Recipe: “The Mayflower” In The Mayflower the bite of gin is mellowed with honey and brightened with vinegar. The bitters add body, and the soda water smooths everything together to create a drink that’s light and delicious. Ingredients: Makes
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Cocktail Recipe: “The Pine Car”

Cocktail Recipe: “The Pine Car” This play on the traditional Sidecar cocktail has rich, deep, musky & piney notes thanks to the pine cone bud syrup. Ingredients: Makes 1 Drink 1 ¼ oz Brandy ½ oz Lemon Juice ½ oz
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Cranberry Mojito

Cranberry Mojito Beautiful and addictive, this refreshing cocktail is fruitier and less tart than the standard mojito. Starvation Alley Farm’s Cranberry Juice is a Seattle exclusive (it’s unpasteurized and needs to be refrigerated). If you can’t get your hands on
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Cocktail Recipe “Lemon Dotty”

Cocktail Recipe “Lemon Dotty” A whiskey sour that’s actually more of a whiskey sweet, if you take our meaning. The woody notes of the bourbon blend with lemon and simple syrup into a drink that’s comforting and relaxing rather than
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