Squid Recipes

Chipotle, Squid & Basil Pasta

  Chile Pasta with Chipotle, Squid & Basil This seafood pasta recipe offers a complex blend of colors, flavors & textures: spicy-sweet, tender-chewy & citrusy-umami. Wine Pairing: Soave Classic Ingredients:               Makes 4 Servings (plus extra chile powder) 1 small Dried
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Squid Ink Pasta w/ Squid, Tangerine & Peppers

Squid Ink Pasta w/ Squid, Tangerine & Peppers This dish combines striking flavors with a striking presentation. Briny black pasta with tender squid, spicy piquillo peppers, crunchy breadcrumbs, salty bottarga & citrusy tangerine. Wine Pairings: Vermentino or Albarino Ingredients: Makes
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Squid Stir Fry

Squid Stir Fry Tender, tasty squid with caramelized mushrooms and bok choy stir fried with a blend of SE Asian flavors. Drink Pairing: Singha Beer Ingredients: Makes 4-6 Servings 1/2 lb Squid, tentacles and tubes 3 tbsp Red Boat Fish
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