Bean & Lentil Recipes


Indian Bread Salad

  Indian Bread Salad with Tomatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Cucumbers, Paneer & Curry Leaves This salad is a refreshing fusion of Italian panzanella and Indian flavors. The baked chickpeas are also delicious on their own as an easy snack. Ingredients:                                                       Makes
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Braised Lamb Shanks “Cassoulet”

  Braised Merino Lamb Shanks with Merguez Sausage Beans Rich, falling off the bone tender braised merino lamb set atop a “cassoulet” of flageolet beans and merguez sausages.  An herb salad counterbalances the dishes richness with bright citrus and clean
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Hummus w/ Z’atar, Pomegranate & Fried Pita

  Hummus with Z’atar, Pomegranate and Fried Pita Homemade hummus is easy and tastier than store-bought, especially if you add extra flavors as we’ve done here. Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio Ingredients:                Makes Servings 2 cans low sodium Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas (or 4
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Falafal w/ Curry Mustard Dipping Sauce

Falafal with Curry Mustard Dipping Sauce Crispy, fluffy, garlicy – these falafels (“faux-lafels”) pair beautifully with a curried mustard dipping sauce. We know the recipe isn’t exactly a traditional one, but it is tasty! Ingredients: Makes 12 Servings: Falafel: 2
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Tuxedo Lentils w/ Kabocha Squash

Tuxedo Lentils w/ Kabocha Squash This hearty, satisfying lentil recipe is creamy, savory, and just barely spicy with a slightly chewy consistency. Serve it as a nutritious and very delicious side dish or vegetarian entrée. Ingredients: Makes 4 Servings Lentils:
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Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans

Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans Hearty, satisfying and vegetarian/vegan! This recipe is really more of an example designed to show you how easy it is to jazz up old standbys with the addition of a few dollops of
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Smoky Black Bean Tostadas

Smoky Black Bean Tostadas These vegetarian tostadas are intensely satisfying – the bean & chile topping is smoky, spicy, earthy & fruity, perfectly balanced with creamy avocado & cheese. Drink Pairing: Pacifico Beer Ingredients: Makes 8 Tostadas (2-4 Servings) 1
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Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula

Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula This hearty meal is a great way to use leftover braised beans – if you’ve got them in the fridge, you can have a meal ready in minutes! Drink Pairing: Viognier wine Ingredients:
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Braised Beans & Bacon

Braised Beans & Bacon This dish is bacony, herby and comforting. It’s mild enough to work as a side dish with almost anything, but hearty enough to work as a one-pot meal. We’ve used three different bean varieties here for
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Fava & Fresh Chickpea Salad

Fava & Fresh Chickpea Salad The mix of herbs, greens and fresh beans in this salad gives it a crisp, fresh flavor that’s like Spring distilled into a starter. If you don’t have both favas and fresh chickpeas available, you
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Fresh Chickpea & Fava Bean Dip

Fresh Chickpea & Fava Bean Dip Move over hummus and guacamole…there’s a new dip in town! Refreshingly light & fresh, while still being creamy enough to cling to crackers (etc) this dip was a hit at our photo shoot. It
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Ramp & Morel Bean Salad

Ramp & Morel Bean Salad There’s nothing boring about this bean salad – the ramps and morel mushrooms bring some of mother nature’s most amazing foraged flavors to what was once a humble side dish. Drink Pairing: Pilsner Ingredients: Makes
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