Bean & Lentil Recipes


Braised Lamb Shanks “Cassoulet”

  Braised Merino Lamb Shanks with Merguez Sausage Beans Rich, falling off the bone tender braised merino lamb set atop a “cassoulet” of flageolet beans and merguez sausages.  An herb salad counterbalances the dishes richness with bright citrus and clean
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Hummus w/ Z’atar, Pomegranate & Fried Pita

  Hummus with Z’atar, Pomegranate and Fried Pita Homemade hummus is easy and tastier than store-bought, especially if you add extra flavors as we’ve done here. Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio Ingredients:                Makes Servings 2 cans low sodium Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas (or 4
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Falafal w/ Curry Mustard Dipping Sauce

Falafal with Curry Mustard Dipping Sauce Crispy, fluffy, garlicy – these falafels (“faux-lafels”) pair beautifully with a curried mustard dipping sauce. We know the recipe isn’t exactly a traditional one, but it is tasty! Ingredients: Makes 12 Servings: Falafel: 2
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Tuxedo Lentils w/ Kabocha Squash

Tuxedo Lentils w/ Kabocha Squash This hearty, satisfying lentil recipe is creamy, savory, and just barely spicy with a slightly chewy consistency. Serve it as a nutritious and very delicious side dish or vegetarian entrée. Ingredients: Makes 4 Servings Lentils:
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Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans

Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans Hearty, satisfying and vegetarian/vegan! This recipe is really more of an example designed to show you how easy it is to jazz up old standbys with the addition of a few dollops of
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Smoky Black Bean Tostadas

Smoky Black Bean Tostadas These vegetarian tostadas are intensely satisfying – the bean & chile topping is smoky, spicy, earthy & fruity, perfectly balanced with creamy avocado & cheese. Drink Pairing: Pacifico Beer Ingredients: Makes 8 Tostadas (2-4 Servings) 1
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Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula

Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula This hearty meal is a great way to use leftover braised beans – if you’ve got them in the fridge, you can have a meal ready in minutes! Drink Pairing: Viognier wine Ingredients:
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Braised Beans & Bacon

Braised Beans & Bacon This dish is bacony, herby and comforting. It’s mild enough to work as a side dish with almost anything, but hearty enough to work as a one-pot meal. We’ve used three different bean varieties here for
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Fava & Fresh Chickpea Salad

Fava & Fresh Chickpea Salad The mix of herbs, greens and fresh beans in this salad gives it a crisp, fresh flavor that’s like Spring distilled into a starter. If you don’t have both favas and fresh chickpeas available, you
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Fresh Chickpea & Fava Bean Dip

Fresh Chickpea & Fava Bean Dip Move over hummus and guacamole…there’s a new dip in town! Refreshingly light & fresh, while still being creamy enough to cling to crackers (etc) this dip was a hit at our photo shoot. It
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Ramp & Morel Bean Salad

Ramp & Morel Bean Salad There’s nothing boring about this bean salad – the ramps and morel mushrooms bring some of mother nature’s most amazing foraged flavors to what was once a humble side dish. Drink Pairing: Pilsner Ingredients: Makes
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Christmas Lima Bean Succotash

Christmas Lima Bean Succotash Succotash is a simple yet satisfying vegetable side dish made of corn, onion and beans. Here we’ve added fresh sage, tomato, and used christmas lima beans to give it more visual, textural and flavor pizazz. Ingredients:
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