Sausage Recipes


Sausage & Kraut Casserole

Marko’s Sausage & Kraut Comfort Food Casserole So good, so easy, so hearty.  This casserole is perfect for a drizzly (or snowy) weeknight. Ingredients:                                       Makes 4-6 Servings 1-2 pats of Butter, or a quick glug of Oil 1 lb. Yukon
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Mixed Sausages & Flavored Mustards

Mixed Sausages & Flavored Mustards This dish is a great way to celebrate the variety available in the world of specialty sausages. Pick out several flavors, then serve them with a variety of flavored mustards & porter-glazed apples. Everyone can
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Pheasant Sausages w/ Pear Butter Mostarda

Pheasant Sausages w/ Pear Butter Mostarda Specialty game sausages bring a lot of flavor to the table, but do benefit from a little bit of sauce, jus, or mustard. If you have artisanal jam and mustard handy, a mostarda-style sauce
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Venison Sausage Rice Salad

Venison Sausage Rice Salad with Wild Rice Salad with Venison Sausage, Dried Cherries, and Hazelnuts This wonderfully delicious wild rice salad would be a popular dish to serve at any party, any time of the year. The delicious savory flavors
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Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula

Rabbit Sausage with Braised Beans & Arugula This hearty meal is a great way to use leftover braised beans – if you’ve got them in the fridge, you can have a meal ready in minutes! Drink Pairing: Viognier wine Ingredients:
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Shellfish w/ Lamb Merguez Sausage, Fennel & Fregola

Shellfish w/ Lamb Merguez Sausage, Fennel & Fregola A rich, varied dish of sweet shellfish, savory & slightly spicy merguez sausage, nutty, pleasantly chewy fregola and a rich broth perfumed with herbs, spices and fennel. If you only have one
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Grilled Duck Sausage & Polenta

Grilled Duck Sausage with Orange Liquor, Almond Milk Polenta, and Plum Compote Duck Sausage is excellent prepared using this method as the process of grilling infuses this sausage with smoky flavors with hints of sweetness and a touch of acidity
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Duck Sausage with Mostarda & Brioche

Duck Sausage with Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine, Dried Fruits Mostarda, Brioche Toast Mostarda is an Italian condiment that combines sweet fresh or dried fruits with the savory mustard, served typically with meats, cheeses, foie gras, and sausages. It is
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Pheasant Sausage Rolls

Pheasant Sausage Rolls & Buckwheat Crepê Sausage Rolls with Pheasant Cognac Sausage, Crème Fraiche, Caviar, and Dill This gourmet version of sausage rolls, or “pigs in the blanket”, uses buckwheat crepês as a wrapping around the sausage. These become even
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Roasted Wild Boar Sausages

Oven Roasted Wild Boar Sausages with Cranberries & Shiraz, Sweet Potatoes and Apples This rustic dish might be simple to put together, but the resulting combination of sweet and savory flavors is quite complex. It is perfect to serve on
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How to Make Mixed Grills

What is a Mixed Grill? The mixed grill is a fine dining restaurant entree favorite that offers diners a selection of different meats and cuts on a single plate, often each with their own sauce or side. Though they may look
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Bacon-Sausage Potato Hash

Bacon-Sausage Potato Hash Different from our earlier quick potato hash recipe, this version of the breakfast classic adds sausage for use as a robust full breakfast rather than just a starchy side dish. Whether you’re a die-hard carnivore looking to
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