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Basic Mushroom Techniques:
How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms
How to Preserve & Store Fresh Mushrooms
Adapting Fresh Mushroom Recipes to Dried Mushrooms

Mushroom Recipe Collections:

Dried Mushroom Recipes Dried Mushroom Recipes & Techniques
General Mushroom Recipes Recipes Suitable for Any Mushroom Variety

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Black Trumpet Recipes Black Trumpet Mushroom Recipes
Candy Cap Recipes Candy Cap Mushroom Recipes
Chanterelle Recipes Chanterelle Mushroom Recipes
Shitake, Cremini, Portabello Recipes Cultivated Mushroom Recipes
(Shitake, Cremini & Portabello)
Hedgehog Mushroom Recipes Hedgehog Mushroom Recipes
Lobster Mushroom Recipes Lobster Mushroom Recipes
Matsutake Mushroom Recipes Matsutake Mushroom Recipes
Morel Mushroom Recipes Morel Mushroom Recipes
Porcini Recipes Porcini Mushroom Recipes
Reishi Recipes Reishi Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes Submitted by Our Readers & Customers:

Chanterelle Recipe Collection Chanterelle Recipe Collection
Morel Recipe Collection Morel Recipe Collection
Mushroom Recipe Collection Other Mushrooms Recipe Collection

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  1. I love mushrooms, especially morels and it’s a toss up between a mushroom risotto, a mushroom pizza or the mushroom salad using a special Italian balsamic vinegar that I wrote about last week on my blog.

  2. I found quite a few patches of black trumpet and chanterelle mushrooms this season. More importantly I found the not often found Eastern Rooting Cauliflower mushroom, as I write this my mouth is watering. I also found a shared a huge bursting Umbrella Polypore and that was quite the treat!

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