Steak Recipes

Grass-Fed Beef Cowboy Steaks with Porter Chocolate Sauce">cowboybeef

Grass-Fed Beef Cowboy Steaks with Porter Chocolate Sauce">

Cowboy steaks are bone-in ribeyes – a dramatic cut with bold flavor. While they’re delicious with just salt and pepper, you can also pair them with a similarly bold sauce – like this one, made with porter beer, bittersweet chocolate,
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Sous Vide Strip Steak w/ Chipotle Honey Onions">sous_vide_strip_steak_w-chipotle_honey_onions-THBM

Sous Vide Strip Steak w/ Chipotle Honey Onions">

These caramelized onions are sweet, honeyed, smoky and spicy, an exciting accompaniment to a superb grass-fed steak. This is a sous vide recipe, but you could also cook the steaks using your preferred method on the grill, stove, etc (our
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Sous Vide Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin Steaks w/ Morel Cream">Grass-fed-Beef-Morel-Cream-Sauce-2

Sous Vide Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin Steaks w/ Morel Cream">

This dish is incredible.  Sous vide makes filet mignon even more tender and the truffle-morel sauces are so earthy, savory, and mouth-wateringly delicious that you’ll be licking the plate. Ingredients:                   Makes 4 Servings Steaks: ¼ tsp Truffle Salt (we used 10%
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Grass-fed Strip Steaks w/ Caramel Sauce">grass-fed_strip_steaks_w-caramel_sauce-THMB

Grass-fed Strip Steaks w/ Caramel Sauce">

This simple sauce is sweet, tangy and nutty.  Here we’ve served it with pan roasted grass-fed NY strip steaks, but it’d probably also be delicious on duck or kurobuta pork too! Drink Pairings: California Cabernet or Malbec Wine Ingredients:             Makes
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Chile Fennel Rub">chilefennelrub_thumb

Chile Fennel Rub">

This simple rub can be used to bring chile-anise flavor and a fair amount of spice to almost any beef, bison or pork cut suitable for dry-heat cooking methods (roasting, sauteing, broiling, grilling, etc).  We used it on grassfed beef
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Porcini Rub">poricinirub_thumb

Porcini Rub">

Believe it or not, porcini mushrooms make a wonderful ingredient in spice rubs when ground into a powder. In addition to earthy mushroom flavor, they bring a lot of meat-friendly umami. We used this rub with grass-fed beef steaks, but
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Grass-Fed Beef Bibimbap">bibimbap

Grass-Fed Beef Bibimbap">

Bibimbap is a Korean rice bowl served with a dizzying array of condiments and toppings that you stir together at the table.  They are a study in a torrent of very strong flavors being mixed together and somehow achieving perfect
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Grass-Fed Steak & Eggs">gfsteakandeggs_thumb

Grass-Fed Steak & Eggs">

Classic steak & eggs re-imagined to blow your mind with sous vide ribeyes, caramelized onion butter, duck fat fried potatoes, and a rich red wine demi-glace sauce. If you don’t have a sous vide setup, you could also season the
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Meat & Seafood Yuzu Marinade

We used this marinade on broiled grass-fed beef flank steaks, and the results were incredible – tart, sweet, salty, with some bite from the ginger and garlic.  The aftertaste was particularly nice and really satisfying. You could also use it
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Ancho Wet Rub

Besides dry rubs, there’s another method for sticking flavor to the outside of your steaks (and other cuts): wet rubs (aka pastes).  This wet rub gets most of its flavor from the ancho chilies, but the other ingredients work together
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Honey-Bourbon Grass-Fed NY Strip Steaks

Bourbon, honey & Worcestershire marinated grass-fed steaks cooked on the stove-top and finished with a pan sauce that reinforces the marinade’s flavors.  They have a delicious whiskey savory-sweet flavor. Drink Pairing: Bourbon (Maker’s Mark) Ingredients:                Makes Four Servings 2 Grass-fed
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Three Techniques for Cooking Steaks

Here are the three ways to prepare steak that are most commonly used in the restaurant industry.  They work just as well in the home, and are great ways to cook most steaks. Technique 1: How to Perfectly Pan Roast
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