Pasta & Pasta Sauce Recipes


Rabbit Meatballs w/ Porcini Pasta

  Rabbit Meatballs with Porcini Tagliatelle This dish is packed with the savory earthiness of wild porcini mushrooms.  The rabbit kidneys really add a lot of flavor to the meatballs, but you could leave them out. Wine Pairing: Nebbiolo or Red Burgundy Ingredients:               
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Wagyu Short Rib Sugo w/ Pappardelle

  Calabrian Wagyu Short Rib Sugo with Pappardelle Rich & beefy with plenty of heat (though you can reduce the chilies if you wish for a more mild version), this Bolognese-esque sauce is a great hearty topping for your favorite
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Spaghetti with 65°C Egg, Truffle & Parmesan

  Spagetti alla Chitarra with 65°C Egg, Truffle Oil & Shaved Parmesan   Yes, we’re being awfully specific about the temperature, but for good reason.  The texture of eggs changes dramatically depending on the temperature they’re cooked at.  For an
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Early Summer Pasta Toss

Early Summer Pasta Toss   A bright and summery pasta dish that can be served warm or cold. The addition of fresh mozzarella would make this a great vegetarian main dish.   Ingredients:                                       Serves 8 as a side dish; 4-6
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Wild Boar Meatballs w/ Juniper Tomato Sauce

Wild Boar Meatballs in Juniper Tomato Sauce Tender, boldly flavorful wild boar meatballs in a tomato sauce seasoned with juniper berries. This is our second wild boar meatballs recipe. You can find the other one here. Ingredients: Meatballs: 1lb Ground
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Porcini Agnolotti w/ Brown Butter & Shallot Sauce

Porcini Agnolotti w/ Brown Butter & Shallot Sauce Deep, earthy, nutty flavors abound in this simple pasta dish. Nuovo’s porcini pasta has a lot of mushroom flavor on its own, so you don’t have to add the fresh or frozen
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Wild Boar Bolognese w/ Penne

Wild Boar Bolognese with Wild Mushrooms & Penne Bolognese sauce is one of the classic Italian applications for this flavorful wild meat.  So much so that we already have several different takes on it, all of which are delicious. This
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Easy Crab Pasta Sauce

Easy Crab Pasta Sauce This is the perfect recipe for satisfying weeknight crab cravings or making dinner an event even when you don’t have a lot of time. Sweet Dungeness crab meat and artichoke hearts in a cream & white
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Garlic, Spinach, Olive & Cheese Pennette

Garlic, Spinach, Olive & Cheese Pennette Cheesy, tart, savory & rich, this dish is easy to make and intensely satisfying. Because you can make the garlic paste ahead of time, this is a perfect recipe for a busy weeknight. If
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Porcini Pasta w/ Alba Truffles

Porcini Pasta w/ Alba Truffles When you’re working with white Alba truffles, one of the world’s most amazing ingredients, a dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be amazing. Here we’ve paired them with porcini pasta and parmigiano reggiano cheese
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Truffle Ravioli w/ Morel Cream Sauce

Truffle Ravioli w/ Morel Cream Sauce Morels and truffles in the same recipe? If you’re a fan of these delicacies, pasta dishes don’t get much better than this. This recipe is easy, but the results are luxurious – earthy, creamy
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Lobster & Crab Ravioli w/ Soy “Caramel” Sauce

Lobster & Crab Ravioli w/ Soy “Caramel” Sauce East meets West in this unusual (and tasty) pasta dish. Sweet crab & lobster pasta served with a gingery “caramel” sauce. Drink Pairing: Riesling Wine, especially one from Alsace Ingredients: Makes 4
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