Organic Grain Recipes


In the mood for a different starch side? These little cakes combine farro, potato, and onions into patties flavored with garlic. Ingredients: 1 Russet Potato 1 cup Organic Emmer Berries 3 cups Vegetable Stock 1 Bay Leaf 1 clove of
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Though it looks like one, this isn’t sweet enough to be a dessert.  Instead it’s an incredible breakfast that can be served hot or cold, with or without milk.  Baking it in the oven rather than stirring it on the
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Chicken & Spelt Stroopwafels

A Marx Foods Eater of Honor alumni and a principal organizer of the bake sale fundraiser Will Bake for Food, Jenny’s love of baking is clear in her blog, Purple House Dirt. She says few things surpass her “fascination with
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Parsley & Walnut Quinoa Salad

Light, herby, nutty & refreshing, this grain-salad is a great side dish.  We particularly recommend paring it with rich, full flavored meats to help balance the plate. Ingredients: 2 cups Organic Quinoa or Conventional Quinoa 4 cups of Water Leaves
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Blue Cheese Bread Pudding

Not all bread puddings are for dessert.  This rich, savory, intensely blue-cheesy bread pudding can be served as part of a hearty breakfast, as a snack, as an appetizer, or as a side dish.  If you love blue cheese, you’ll
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Tuna Quinoa Salad

This light grain salad tastes strongly of tuna with additional tart, nutty and herby elements.  The quality of tuna used plays a huge role in this salad’s flavor and texture, so we recommend spending the extra money for a really nice can.
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Quail & Farro Appetizer

Pan Roasted Pomegranate Glazed Quail with Faro and Pearl Onions Drink Pairing: Red Burgundy or Chilean Syrah The pomegranate glaze gives the slight game flavor of the quail breasts a complex, tangy, almost honeyed sweetness without being cloying.  The farro grain
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Thick “Texas Style” Flour Tortillas

This lard-free tortilla recipe is easy to make, delicious and fun too!  The tortillas actually bubble (and occasionally puff up) when you cook them, then deflate as they cool.  You don’t even need a tortilla press, a simple rolling pin
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Chanterelle & Farro Salad

Nutty, chewy farro (emmer) grain salad loaded with flavor and texture.  The seabeans can be omitted, but they add further complexity to the salad as well as some saltiness and very welcome green color. Farro Salad with Roasted Beets, Sea
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Simple Farro

Farro (aka Emmer) is an old world heirloom grain found in traditional European and Near Eastern dishes (particularly peasant dishes from Tuscany).  Many preparations call for the whole grain farro berries to be soaked ahead of cooking to help tenderize them, but this recipe just
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How to Make Fresh Pasta & Squid Ink Pasta

Fresh pasta has a soft, silky texture that’s quite different from cooked dried pasta.  Though making your own pasta from scratch will likely take a while the first time you make it, you’ll find it gets easier and faster the more
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Venison Sausage Muffins

White Cornmeal Muffins with Venison Sausage These savory muffins are very unique, combining the tasty Venison Sausage with Merlot and Blueberries and cheddar cheese. Using fine white cornmeal results in a wonderful soft and crumbly texture. These muffins are excellent
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