Seafood & Meat Sauce Recipes


Yuzu ponzu is a classic Japanese savory-sweet-citrusy condiment and dressing. We sell an excellent yuzu ponzu base, but if you have yuzu juice and want to make your own, here’s a recipe we recommend. Ingredients: 3 tbsp Mirin 3 tbsp
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This tomato jam is a thick, rich tomato sauce that has been cooked down to a jam-like consistency.  It makes a great condiment, topping, or addition to sandwiches. Ingredients:                     Makes 2 Cups 2 tbsp of Olive Oil ½ Onion, small diced
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Salsa verde is a green herb sauce with a fresh, herbacious, slightly tart flavor. It’s a great sauce for bringing fresh flavor to seafood or chicken, and also balances stronger-flavored beef and game meats nicely. We’ve developed two more salsa
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“The Salsa of Vietnam,” nuoc mam sauce is sweet, tangy and quite spicy. It’s easy to make and a great accompaniment to all sorts of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-inspired dishes. Ingredients: Makes 1 1/2 Cups (with carrot) 2 ½ tbsp Red
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Make Your Own Horseradish

It is better than store bought.   And, simple to make.  But you have to really want to make it because it is hard on the eyes, nose and throat.  Really hard.  If your eyes can’t handle you chopping onions, don’t
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Making a Vinaigrette – The Nuts & Bolts

This post contains vinaigrette making basic instructions followed by a wasabi vinaigrette recipe and a list of other vinaigrette flavor variations to try. How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette: The classic ratio of a vinaigrette is 1 part vinegar to 3
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How to Make Mayonnaise/Aioli by Hand

Making aioli & mayonnaise by hand provides similar results to making aioli/mayo in a food processor.It requires more elbow grease and a little more time, but you have finer control, don’t run the risk of the machine running hot and breaking
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Infused Herb Oil

Herb oils are a beautiful, tasty, and incredibly easy condiment or garnish.  Here’s an explanation of the basic technique. How to Make Herb Oils: Ingredients: 1 cup olive oil Fresh herbs (for example, a ½ bunch of fresh flat leaf parsley) 1 tbsp
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Huckleberry Sauce

This sauce tastes of sweet, musky huckleberries, piney, resinous sage, and rich chicken stock. It pairs deliciously with venison, duck, wild boar, elk…almost any game meat or game bird.  Ingredients: 1/2lb Huckleberries (either fresh huckleberries or frozen huckleberries) 1-2 Sage
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How to Make Gremolata

A gremolata is, classically, a garnish for veal osso bucco made from equal parts lemon zest, parsley, garlic, and olive oil, plus salt to taste. For a twist, we made one with equal parts orange zest, pine nuts, and chives,
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Chimichurri Sauce

This fresh tasting, herby & slightly hot sauce is delicious on steaks, many other cuts of meat, and seafood.  If you want, you can supplement or replace the lime juice with white wine vinegar for a different flavor.  The jalepenos can also be replaced with
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Ghost Chili Hot Sauce

This is a recipe for a basic vinegar-based hot sauce (similar to the various spicy sauces found on restaurant tables across America), but with a twist: it’s made with one of the world’s hottest chilies. Ghost peppers are so hot that
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