Pan Seared Halibut

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Pan Seared Halibut

Halibut takes very well to pan searing, developing a beautiful (and tasty!) crust. This plate combines baby artichokes, a few bites of intensely flavorful Tapenade, and a delicious and unique warm vinaigrette sauce into a beautiful presentation that really showcases halibut’s possibilities as a culinary canvas.

Sourness plays an important role in this dish. All three of the elements surrounding the halibut are sour, but in measured amounts and in totally different ways. The Tapenade, of course, tastes strongly of olives, the artichokes’ slight bitterness is augmented with lemon and wine, and the vinaigrette is smooth and filled with tomato flavor.

Pan Seared Halibut
6 oz of Pacific halibut fillet per person
3 Poached Baby Artichokes per person
1 tablespoon rustic Kalamata Tapenade per person (see How to Make Your Own Tapenade)
Tomato Anchovy Vinaigrette

1. If using homemade Tapenade, make it first (preferably a few hours ahead).

2. Poach the baby artichokes and set them aside to cool.


3. Prepare the tomato anchovy vinaigrette.

4. Remove the skin from your halibut steaks.

5. Pan sear the halibut. (see How to Pan Sear Fish for instructions)


6. While the halibut is in the oven, sear the poached artichokes in a hot pan, weighed down with another pan, lid, or bowl to develop their texture and color.


7. Form the Tapenade into a quenelle and put it on the plate.

8. Once the halibut is finished and seared from both sides, it can also go on the plate, along with the seared artichokes.

9. Deglaze the pan you used to sear the halibut with the vinaigrette. Once the vinaigrette is hot, use it to sauce the halibut.


10. Serve immediately!


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  1. We are displaced Seattle-lites and always enjoyed gathering the Chanterelles in the fall. If I won them I would prepare a feast with the lobster and mushrooms for my sweetheart of 50+ years!

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