Salt Photography Challenge Synopsis

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Shooting Salt is tough!

The challenge of photographing it ranges from making a plain pile of salt look interesting to featuring salt in a finished dish in a way that actually shows the salt. So, we thought that salt would make a good photo challenge.

What Happened: We sent bloggers 5 samples of cooking and finishing salts: Hawaiian Red Salt, Hawaiian Pink Salt, Ginger Salt, Espresso Salt & Flor de Sal. Their challenge was to create two amazing photographs: One of just salt, and the other of a finished dish that showed the salt well.

What People Submitted:  Visit the Finishing Salt Photo Gallery

The Reward: Two challengers were picked to receive the Grand Madame of finishing touches: our Edible Microflower Blend.   Readers of the Marx Foods blog picked Eats Well With Others‘ submission in a poll.  Our seattle food photographer picked Ravenous Couple’s submission as his favorite.

How to Use Edible Flowers

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