How to Use Edible Flowers

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Edible Flowers Make Beautiful Presentations Easy

Using edible flowers to add color and interesting shapes to your dishes is very easy. Position them on your plates, use them to decorate cakes or cupcakes, toss them in salads, or use them to build a display on one of your serving platters.

How to Candy Flowers
Chefs often candy flowers, before using them in desserts and cake decorations to add additional shine and sweetness. It’s a relatively easy technique to learn and gives great results.Though many edible flower varieties can be candied, karma orchids, edible pansies and several of the flowers in the large edible flower assortment work particularly well.
 Make Edible Flower Pastes How to Make Flower Pastes
Processing flowers into sugar pastes allows you to extract their flavor and color for use in simple syrups, compound butters, sorbets, etc. We’ve used this technique with both pansies and edible roses.
 Make Flower Simple Syrups How to Make Flower Simple Syrups
Flower simple syrups add beautiful natural color to cocktails along with some flavor.

Specialty Flowers & Their Uses
Squash Blossoms
Fresh squash blossoms(aka zucchini blossoms) are a highly perishable, delicate flower with a juicy, crisp crunch and mild flavor. They’re a chef favorite for use as a natural wrapper because they’re beautiful and crisp up nicely when fried.
How to Stuff Squash Blossoms – use this basic technique to fill squash blossoms with a wide variety of fillings. Check out our Squash Blossom Recipes for filling ideas and cooking techniques.
Szechuan Buttons
Szechuan buttons(aka Sichuan buttons) are an unusual tiny flower variety that causes a brief but fairly intense tingling sensation on the tongue. Chefs are experimenting with them in a variety of ways, but they’re particularly popular right now with cutting edge cocktail mixologists.
How to Use Szechuan Buttons in Cocktails & Beverages– here are some techniques we’ve discovered for imparting the tingle of szechuan buttons to beverages.
Szechuan Button Recipes – beyond the basics, here are some of our favorite szechuan button recipes for cocktails, salads, and other exciting dishes.
Dulce Buttons
Dulce buttons are so new that chefs are still discovering how to use them. These tiny little buds possess a complex herb flavor (a blend of mint, anise and thyme) and a super intense sweetness (500-1,500 times as sweet as conventional sugar). Their leaves are far less sweet with a stronger herb flavor. We suspect they’d make a killer mojito, but we haven’t tried yet.
Dulce Button Recipes

Browse Our Full Edible Flower Recipe & Techniques Collection

Why Buy Edible Flowers?

Flowers bring intense colors and beautiful shapes to your dishes, but you shouldn’t serve just any flower. It is very important that the flowers are sold as edible.

Not only are many flower varieties not safe to eat, but usually the flowers you see in stores weren’t grown to be eaten, they were grown to be looked at. This means they have likely been sprayed or grown with chemicals that may be safe to touch or smell, but could leech into surrounding food and should never be consumed. Edible flowers have been selected for their color and appearance, but grown to be safe for human consumption.

Check out the Marx Foods bulk edible flowers collection to see your options, all of which are fine-dining restaurant quality and are shipped freshly cut and cleaned.

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