Uses for Dehydrated Edible Flowers

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Uses for Dehydrated Edible Flowers

So now you have dehydrated edible flowers…what do you do with the results?

Dehydrated edible flowers can be used in decorative displays, but we’ve also ground them for culinary use.

We use a coffee grinder for grinding spices, dried chilies and dried edible flowers. See How to Grind Whole Spices for the basic technique & cleaning tips.

Be sure to test any food involving ground flowers thoroughly before planning to use it in an event. You can never be quite sure how well an idea’s going to work until you try it.


Grind for use as a decoration or an ingredient.

We have had success mashing ground pansies into unsalted butter (with or without superfine sugar).


Grind with sugar or salt to add color (and possibly flavor)

Grind completely with the sugar and salt for a fine powder with well distributed color & (if any) flavor. For a more rustic look, briefly grind the flowers separately until the piece size is to your liking, then mix into sugar or salt.

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