Truffle Butter

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What’s better than butter, AND better than truffles? (ok…maybe not fresh truffles).

Truffle Butter!  Rich, earthy, and smooth, this stuff’s incredible melted into pasta, veggies, risotto…just about anything.

If your mouth is watering (and it should be) we’ve got great news for you: we’re giving one person a whole 8oz tub!  Plus that lucky guy or gal gets to enter our Ridiculously Delicious Challenge in January!

Update: Truffle Butter-er Announced!
The random number selected was #89, Katie’s entry. Congratulations Katie!

Katie wrote that her plan for the truffle butter was to serve it with fresh cheese over homemade lemon-pepper fettuccine….which sounds pretty darn good! We can almost taste the luscious earthiness of the black truffles melting into the citrus/spice zing of tender, freshly made pasta. Mmmmm….. Put a little Parmigiano Reggiano on top and we’ll take three helpings.

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  1. I’d have to fight the urge to use it as a moisturizer, much like I fight the urge to eat delicious smelling lotions. I’d probably end up stirring into some potatoes, though.

  2. The first thing I would butter is a spoon…I would want to taste the truffle butter, sans anything, to savor it completely by it’s self….then I would make a roasted portobello mushroom sandwich on crusty bread, slathered with the yummy, black goodness and wash it all down with a crisp white wine. YUM! Yes, my mouth is watering!!

  3. OhMeOhMy…I’d probably give Ina Garten’s Tagliarelle with Truffle Butter a try. Yummmm. Hope I win!

  4. I believe stirring your truffle butter into risotto and then serving with a sliver of fresh truffle on top would be my idea of heaven! I can smell it already – Yum!

  5. The first thing I’d butter would be my right index finger. I trust this butter will be finger-lickin’ good. 🙂

  6. Well, a dab behind my ears might be interesting but I’m more likely to put it under the skin of a roast chicken or into mashed potatoes.

  7. I absolutely love truffle butter on freshly made pasta that’s had a very slight squeeze of lemon. Simple, clean flavors but ooh so memorable.

  8. My husband and I both like buttered noodles, so noodles would be the first thing I would try it on.

  9. Aside from wanting to just spread it on myself (I’m a sucker for anything truffle…) I would spread some on a slice of really good bread. It would also be delicious melted and put on air popped popcorn!

  10. I would butter some mashed potatoes, lightly seasoned with fresh herbs. Mmmmmm!!! Or else my homemade bread. Double Mmmmmmm!!!

  11. Truffles sure have everyones attention. Sounds like we should have a party,of course with truffles. Sue

  12. I would butter a Turkey! Slip the butter under the skin (entire Turkey). Use drippings (skim of fat) with some shallots, wine, flour, extra turkey stock, seasonings, etc…and make a gravy for your truffle buttered mashed fingerling potatoes. There is so much you could use this for!

  13. What’s the first thing I’d butter? My tongue, because I’ve never had the joy of tasting truffles.


  15. The FIRST thing I’d butter is my tongue! Truffle butter sounds like it would be wickedly decadent. The logical thing to pair this with would be a roasted pork loin, since truffle pigs LOVE truffles! I’d drizzle the compound over the roast.

  16. Oh! I am sure I can find may ways to use this butter, but the first qwld be to slap it on a beautiful piece of country bread and devouring it as I am thinking of what to mame next….

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  18. I would relive my childhood and have pastina with butter only this time it would be the truffle butter. Next would be a little on everything I eat and try to make it last longer.

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  20. I have never used truffle butter or truffles before so I think I would pretty much put it on and in everything. I will definitely experiment with sweet and savory dishes.

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