What is the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge?

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The concept for this challenge is still crystallizing, so if you have any ideas, let us know.

The current design, which will be finalized soon, is this:

It will start in early December January. Only those who have won one of our contests/challenges between mid-October and December the New Year are eligible to enter.  (we had to move the challenge to January because Justin was a bit too ambitious in planning this contest in our busiest season and he would like to be able to sleep just a little bit in December).

There will be three stages.

Stage One
We will ask challengers to pick three items out of a list of 10-20 items and answer this question on their blog or ours: What ridiculously delicious thing would you do with your chosen three items?

Note: Challengers should be sure to pick the right three items because the person who wins the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge will receive the three they picked in stage one as their prize, shipped to them on the day of their choosing.

10 Challengers will advance beyond this stage, based on the decision of a reader poll on the Marx Foods blog combined with the opinions of the challengers themselves on some sort of weighted average basis.

Stage Two
We will FedEx the 10 challengers a surprise ingredient and a recipe challenge in the same box. Challengers will have 48 hours to develop an original recipe and either post it to their blog or mail their post to us so we can host it on ours.

5 Challengers advance, selected by another blog poll.

The Final Stage
We aren’t sure yet, any ideas?

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