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Do you find yourself checking your fridge over and over hoping something amazing has spontaneously appeared?  Do large clods of dirt make you do a double-take that only leads to disappointment?

You, my friends, are suffering from that most tragic of foodie ailments: trufflitis.*  Fortunately, we at MarxFoods developed a cure: a Truffle & Pasta Recipe Challenge!

Each blogger used Italian dried pasta (one of these shapes: calamarata, schiaffoni,pappardelle nido, elicoidali>, or radiatori), plus at least one of these:
1) Black Truffle Salt
2) Dried Porcini Mushrooms
3) Fennel Pollen

To create tasty new truffle pasta recipes for your truffle emergency needs.  Visit the Pasta & Truffles Recipes Collection to see what they came up with!

* n. a condition characterized by an all-consuming, insatiable desire for fresh truffles.

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