Poached Rabbit Meatballs in Radicchio

Rabbit Meatballs in Radicchio Appetizer

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Poached Rabbit Meatballs in Radicchio

Makes Approx. 10 Appetizer Servings

This elegant appetizer features light but intensely flavorful rabbit meatballs wrapped in purple radicchio (a bitter leafy vegetable) & drizzled with a porcini braising liquid sauce.

  • Garnish:
  • Very thinly sliced Lemon Zest & Flat Leaf Parsley



Pull the meat off of the rabbit legs, then shred & finely mince it.

Mix all the meatball ingredients together in a large bowl.

Briefly blanch several radicchio leaves in boiling water, just until they’re tender.  Remove them from the water, path them dry and reduce the heat until the water is just simmering.

Form some of the mixture into one small meatball.  Wrap it in radicchio, and then in plastic wrap.

Poach the wrapped meatball in the hot water for about five minutes.  Unwrap the plastic wrap and taste the meatball for seasoning.  Add additional salt to the mixture if necessary.

Form the remaining mixture into meatballs, wrap them in radicchio & plastic, then poach them until cooked through.

Simmer the reserved braising liquid down to a thick sauce consistency, then swirl in the butter until melted & incorporated.

Unwrap the plastic from the meatballs and gently put them (still wrapped in the radicchio) in the sauce to keep them warm.

Move the meatballs to plates.  Serve them drizzled with a little bit of the sauce.

Recipe Developed by Jake Vorono

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