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  1. Thanks for the recipe Kendra. This will really help as Reishi Tea tastes so gnarly by itself. I’m going to try a batch of this recipe instead.

  2. Thanks Kendra,

    My wife, River, is very excited to try the Reishi mushrooms she just learned are growing in our yard. I have a feeling now that she knows how to identify them I’ll be drinking Reishi Tea for a long time to come. River claims Reishi makes you sleep real well. I’ll definitely share your recipe with her.

    Happy mushroom to ya,
    Buddy Mix

  3. Hi Buddy Mix,

    We don’t recommend foraging mushrooms unless you are an expert. Poisonous varieties can appear identical to safe ones.


  4. Reishi has no look alikes so ur good and it is great stuff but people r different so try a little at a time just to be safe

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