Oyster Variety Guide

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Want to pick an oyster based on flavor, approximate size, or origin? Here’s a handy guide:

Pacific Oysters

Recommended for their fresh, clean flavor & finish.

Origin Approx. Size Flavor & Texture Notes
WA 2" Sweet, nutty & Fruity, Denser Texture
WA 50 cent piece Sweet, coppery flavor. Highly prized
WA 2½"-3" Mild, clean, briny-sweet flavor
WA 2" Clean, slightly briny, cucumber-esque
WA 2"+ Briny, sweet, pronounced mineral finish

Atlantic Oysters

Classic flavors of the east coast. Often have a “musky” note to their finish.

Origin Approx. Size Flavor & Texture Notes
Long Island Sound, CT 3"-4" Briny & meaty. The iconic Atlantic oyster
New Brunswick, Canada 1¾"-2¼" Sweet, briny, musky, mineral finish
Cotuit Bay, MA 3" Briny, crisp flavor. Creamy finish
Freeport, ME 4" Briny, sweet, musky, feathered meat
Narragansett Bay, RI 3"-3½" Mild, sweet, less briny
Prince Edward Island 3"-3½" Sweet, very clean. Highly recommended

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