Best Product Endorsement Ever?

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Pictured: Jasmin’s daughter Eliza enjoying our wild salmon.

Testimonials don’t get much better than an incredibly cute smiling baby chowing down cheerfully on your product.

Jasmin Baron entered the winning salmon recipe (Thai Salmon “Sliders” with Mango Red Pepper Salsa) in our contest. She got free wild-caught salmon, we got the recipe and the most adorable baby-eating-salmon picture on planet Earth.

Seems like a pretty fair trade.

Order some of our delicious wild salmon and you could be smiling like that too!

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  1. How about recipes using a protein but also incorporating your grain products oils, or sea vegetables. We have a choice on the protein , but use at leat 2 other type of products(ie grain, oil, etc)?

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  3. Chicken soup!!! I make a mean chicken soup. The prize could be all the wonderful winter root vegetables that will be in season starting in the fall.

  4. How about meatloaf or stuffed peppers/tomatoes/zucchini? I’m getting kind of tired of all the gourmet-y contests…some home cooking would be nice, and both can be quite creative!

  5. Now that we are approaching Fall and cool crisp evenings will be in our near future, and the new contest is for September, Comfort foods come to mind. So recipes for favorite comfort food that use Marxfoods products, could be a good topic. Another would be totally away from recipes and a topic to do with “The Family table” experiences in regards to this. I have more if you want suggestions. I am just a plethora of ideas. 🙂

  6. Post

    Great ideas!

    I’m wondering if you can help us refine the ideas a bit, maybe even bring them all together…

    What about holiday comfort food recipes using any item on It can be a marinade or a soup or an appetizer or a meatloaf… Maybe we can also ask people to submit the backstory on the recipe…or connect the recipe to a family tradition or memorable experience?

    What do you all think?

    And, what should the prize be? Gift certificate? A surprise? Whatever items the winner used in their recipe that’s also on

    Justin Marx

  7. Another idea — ensure the runners-up are awarded prizes, similar to the structure of the salmon and mushroom contests.

    I couldn’t help but notice this unfortunate change for the burger contest.

    Starving in Second Place

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