How to Make Chile Powder (with Recipes)

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How to Make Chile Powder

1. Toast the chilies.
2. Remove stems & (if desired) seeds.
3. Break or cut the chilies into small pieces.
4. Grind the chilies into a fine powder in a spice or coffee grinder.
5. Optional: Sift out any flakes.

Basic Technique


Smoky Chile Powder:

12 Chipotle Morita Chilies
4 Smoked Serrano Chilies
1 Mulato Chile

Fruity Chile Powder:

2 Mulato Chilies
2 Guajillo Chilies
2 Aji Amarillo Chilies

Hot! Chile Powder:

4 Guajillo Chilies
10 De Arbol Chilies
6 Tepin Chilies

Blended Flavors
Chile Powder:

1 Ancho Chile
1 Guajillo Chile
2 Aji Amarillo Chilies
3 Smoked Serrano Chilies
2 De Arbol Chilies
1 Calabrian Chile

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