Chile Lime Sorbet

Chile Lime Sorbet

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Chile Lime Sorbet

Makes about 1 pint

Sour up front with a brief fiery finish, this sorbet is refreshing and potent enough to be served as a small, light summer dessert or a palate opening amuse bouche.

While we used dried tepin chilies for this because of their unique ability to be very spicy for a few seconds and then subside (unlike other chilies that tend to smolder), this recipe can be adapted to use any of our dried peppers.

Chile Lime Sorbet
  • Measuring Device: 1 large raw egg or Baume meter



Thoroughly wash the limes, and using a grater remove their zest while trying to avoid the white inner pith (which is bitter).

Squeeze the zested limes (and however many more you need).

Combine the lime zest, lime juice, chili powder, sugar and water in a saucepan and simmer until all sugar has dissolved.

Wash your raw egg or Baume meter, then gently float it in the sorbet base. If using an egg, you want the portion of egg visible above the surface to be a dime to a nickel’s width in diameter. If using a Baume meter, adjust until it reads 20. Use the simple syrup to raise the measuring device and water to make it sink.

Chill the base thoroughly in the fridge.

Churn in your ice cream machine following the manufacturer’s directions.

When the sorbet is finished churning, move it to your freezer to harden.

Serve garnished with lime zest, either fresh or candied.

  • Variations:

Try using a different chile for the heat. Tepins are nice because their heat is brief, but those looking for a milder but more prolonged smolder might consider Organic New Mexico Chilies. Organic Chipotle Chilies will bring a little more heat than the New Mexicos, but with some smokiness as well. Finally, for those who don’t want much heat at all, but would like some extra richness and fruitiness, try using Organic Aji Panca Chilies.

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