How to Enjoy Artisanal Oils

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How to Enjoy Artisanal Oils

As a Finishing Oil:

Using an oil to finish a dish is as simple as drizzling some on food right before you serve it. Finishing with oil adds flavor, richness, and moisture to dishes like meats, seafood and vegetables.

As a Healthier, Yet Delicious Butter Substitute:

Try drizzling extra virgin olive oil over a baked potato instead of butter. It’s delicious on popcorn too (add truffle salt too to amp it up even further – recipe). Use butternut squash seed oil instead of butter on squash to make them, well, even squashier.

In Dressings:

It’s easy to make homemade vinaigrettes, and artisan oils can take your dressings in new, tastier directions.

Try pairing meyer lemon olive oil and honey wine vinegar, then drizzling some onto a salad with crab or shrimp. Delicious!

Using better extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar is an easy way to upgrade a humble caprese salad into a fine-dining quality caprese salad.

You can even replace some or all of the oil in homemade mayonnaise or aioli (already an upgrade over store bought) to make it even more exciting.

As a Fun Party Trick:

It’s not for everybody, but strong-flavored oils can be mixed with tapioca maltodextrin to make a fine powder that dissolves back into oil on the tongue. Here’s how.

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