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We sent several bloggers samples of our dried chilies with a simple challenge: to create new and tasty recipes.  However, this time we introduced a twist: all their recipes had to be for dishes that would commonly be eaten with a spoon.

We promised the top recipe’s author would get to choose their reward from this list: a Dried Chile Sampler, 10 lbs Whole Rockfish, 15 lbs Kobe Beef Cheeks, 9 lb Specialty Sausage Sampler, 24 Semi-Boneless Quail, 10 lbs Alaskan Spot Prawns, 2 lbs of any Fresh Mushrooms in season, 10 lbs Heirloom Potato Sampler, 5 lbs Yuzu Fruit, and/or 10 lbs Blood Oranges or Meyer Lemons.  They’d also be eligible to enter our Ridiculously Delicious Contest in the new year.

They responded with a wave of tasty innovation resulting in a new collection of chile recipes including several desserts, soups, and stews off the beaten path.

Some bloggers responded with their versions of south of the border classics like “White Chicken Chili,” “Spicy Squash & Black Bean Chili,” “Peanut Butter Mole” and “Spicy Vegetable Posole.”  Others took our taste buds to Asia with dishes like “Spicy Kabocha & Quince Soup with Thai Flavors,” “Slow Cooker Japones Pulled Pork with Thai Red Curry,” “Chinese Hot & Sour Soup” and “Pho with Chile Sauce.”

But perhaps most unusual of all the submissions were the desserts.  Bloggers submitted chile brownie recipes, chile cheesecake recipes, chile chocolate cake recipes, chile panna cotta recipes, and even a chile crème brulee recipe.

If these dishes sound tasty to you (and they should), visit the Chile & a Spoon Recipe Collection Post check them all out!

Still want more? Visit the Marx Foods Chile Recipes Page to see what we’ve been cooking lately.

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