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UPDATE: Someone’s Thanksgiving table is going to have a creamy risotto dish with shaved truffles…and that table belongs to Amy (comment #71). Congratulations, Amy. We hope your holiday meal is fantastic!

The random number generator selected the lucky recipient of these Italian beauties, check it out below:

Truffles are sexy. They’re so sexy, the mere sight of them incites food porn fantasies, case in point this post on Justin’s blog.

Not only did we make readers blush, we also made them freak out. We decided to give one lucky reader a full ounce of fresh truffles. And not just any truffles…they were the crème de la crème: Italian white Alba truffles.

Want to know more about truffles? We knew you would. Learn about all of our fresh truffle varieties and satisfy your curiosity.

Comments 92

  1. Oh my goodness…Not only my foodie heart just jumped for joy for this giveaway, I think my whole body would just jumped up and down if I won this beautiful Italian White Alba Truffles! One whole ounce? Thanks for the generosity. I will definitely make the truffle egg custard-French Laundry style! I can’t wait make this dish and I’m already drooling just imagining the silky egg custard packed with the earthy white Alba Truffles aroma.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  2. I might be too afraid to ruin them to do anything…

    But not really. First up would be risotto, because it’s a classic truffle dish – something delicate and creamy, like mascarpone risotto. Next would be your white truffle aioli recipe because that sounds like it would make anything taste good. Beyond that… too many choices!

  3. I would shave the truffles over slowly-made scrambled eggs and serve the eggs with toast for an extra special “breakfast for dinner” occasion.

  4. I would sing it sweet nothings while I slowly shaved it away. Ha ha ha. Some truffle lobster mac’ n cheese would definitely be on the short list.

  5. What a extremely generous giveaway! I would be making eggs, and pasta and using these truffles on everything. What a dream to experience the rare treat of a white Alba truffle!

  6. Besides jump for joy and dance around in celebration? I’m thinking risotto, a savory cheese souffle or perhaps some homemade mushroom pasta…

  7. OMG! Love white truffles! I would make a truffle risotto served with shaved slices on top. The plain creamy risotto would allow the flavor of the truffle to prevail. And of course, it would be served with champagne to celebrate the amazing taste!

  8. I really want these truffles. :p

    I am making my parents wedding food, and I would lovveeee to used them and surprise them with these amazing truffles. Perhaps some type of seared fish roasted potatoes and some truffle butter sauce. Also truffle flakes on it. Thank you so so much.
    These will definitely make their weeding one of the best that people have been to.
    If there’s no love in cooking then that is no cooking at all.

  9. This is so amazing I can’t contain my excitment. I would love to make a acorn squash and truffle risotto to go with the duck confit I want to make for either christmas or thanksgiving.

  10. I would put it under my pillow, so I can smell it and dream about it all night. I would then make an omelet and some sort of potato gratin for breakfast and shave the truffles on top of all of it!!

  11. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! With one ounce of precious white Alba truffles, I would create a delectable dinner of roast duck breast with shaved truffles, truffle mashed potatoes (using truffle salt and truffle oil also from Marx Foods!) and roasted winter squash, and finish it up with a dessert of chocolate truffles (the non-mushroom kind) 🙂

  12. I would put it in the hands of my mother and my husband. I wouldn’t trust myself with it! I would want them to make a risotto with part of it and then use part of it to make an incredible sauce to go with steak. We still have just enough warm days to be able grill a wonderful prime NY strip – delicious on its own, even better with a delicious truffle sauce!

  13. Mmm… Would have to make pasta with truffles, maybe some roasted chicken, and would have to make something ridiculously decadent… Maybe a foie gras and ruffled mousse?

  14. I had it in Italy a long time ago and I think I’d like to make some pappardelle with a creamy sauceand have truffle on it.
    As second course I’d like to use it on some Magret de Canard, seared, then laid on a burgundy wine reduction with few scales of fresh truffle on top.

  15. OK, now that the palpitations have calmed down….. I will admit that I would first make the White Alba truffle feel right at home in some delicious Risotto di Tartufo made with Lamb stock and Leek. Since White truffles tend to be more of a condiment than an ingredient, due to their susceptibility to heat, I would probably grace a shaved fennel salad with some of it as well. Some homemade truffle butter would be nice as well, especially if gracing a gently fried egg.

    Now that I have begun drooling all over my keyboard.

  16. Since my mother (who wants her next house to have no kitchen) is thinking of exploring truffles I think I’d better get there first. Truffles closely resemble the taste and scent of asafoetida in Indian cooking and I’d love to try a classic Indian potato or lentil dish using truffles instead.

  17. I would try truffles for the first time in any way that I could stretch them.

    I have a food sensitivity to mushrooms but have always wanted to try truffles anyways. Hopefully whatever it is that sets me off in most fungi will leave me alone when I eat them.

  18. I would weep great tears of joy. Then I would pull out my truffle shaver (yes, I have a truffle shaver, even though I have never owned a truffle) and I would shave it over pasta. And eggs. And anything else I could think of. And I’d store it in rice so the rice would absorb the truffle aroma. Then I’d shave it again over … oh, whatever else I could think of.

  19. Hmmm One ounce of white Alba truffles. Short of shaving it into pieces and rolling around on the kitchen floor covered in them, I suppose I would make a white truffle risotto, along with shavings under the skin of the turkey, which is then grilled over charcoal on a Weber grill, with a hint of Pecan chips, for add’l flavor. There would have to be a bit of truffle in the dressing / stuffing, as well. I have recently read about truffle marshmallows, and I would dot several over a creamy bowl of mashed sweet potatoes and turnips. If there were any left, I would incorporate into dessert, either as a truffle foam over a pumpkin or pecan pie, or as a truffle whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you for this opportunity!! Brent Caldwell

  20. I’d put them on/in everything until they were gone! Risotto, pasta, omelettes, aioli, cream soups, whitefish, mashed potatoes, salad, pate…ohhh, I’m getting really hungry just thinking about this.

    Oh, and I’d share them with a friend who is an excellent cook and a real foodie also.

  21. I think I would do a white truffle and rosemary stuffing for the turkey on Thanksgiving! The aromas would magnify a beautiful free range bird that would take you right back to Tuscany! Just dont forget a bottle of Super Tuscan!

  22. Wow. These are so awesome. My absolute favorite way to eat really great flavorful mushrooms is just sauteed in olive oil, salt and pepper. but with an ounce I could do that AND scramble them into eggs, make a risotto, make a truffle gravy and eat that over everything (and with a spoon)….oh, the possibilities.

  23. Italian white Alba truffles – my eyes roll back into my head with excitement. What would I do with them you ask… I’d make pizza. A sensuous blend of softly oozing fontina, mushrooms, caramelized onions, topped with tangy goats cheese and the piece de resistance, shaved Italian white Alba truffles. Imagine picking up the thin and crispy crust in your hands, tasting the warm cheeses, the sweetness of the caramelized onions and the perfume of the truffle. It would be one sensuous bite after the other… pure deliciousness.

  24. I need this!!!! I have never cooked with actual truffles…just salt, oil, butter…. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some 🙂 I would make a SINFUL mac and cheese with them!!!!

  25. Once they reached my hands, I would become the White Truffle Fairy and sprinkle their shavings on everything! And by everything, I mean I would make one truffle-infested meal including a decadent appetizer, a creamy soup, and a comforting main plate.

    I’m thinking a cremini mushroom, gruyere, and white truffle flat bread followed by a bowl of cream of mushroom soup finished with white truffle. For the main course, a fresh made gnocchi dish topped with a poached egg and truffle shavings, paired with fine Barolo.

    And now I’m drooling…

  26. Fresh pasta, melted Sottocenre cheese(black and white truffled cheese), homemade pancetta and a million shavings of the Alba truffle. And then I will weep with utter happiness.

  27. I’ve never even tried fresh truffles and would love to! We make do with the oil, and some truffled salt, which by all accounts aren’t nearly as amazing as the real deal. Okay, I’d roll out a batch of fresh linguine and serve it with great olive oil, a dusting of Parmiaggiano, and a shower of shaved truffle. I’d also do some kind of rich and creamy truffled potato dish, maybe scalloped with slices of truffle worked in there at the end. But the most exciting thing would be discovering new ways to use the truffles with whatever’s at the farmer’s market!

  28. First off on the menu would be a white truffle white pizza bianca. This would be followed by white truffle shaved over braised rabbit. Then, in the morning there would be sous vide scrambled eggs with lots and lots of white truffle on top. Yum.

  29. Since I’ve never tasted Italian white Alba truffles and seeing many comments on using it on pasta and egg, maybe I will try it with homemade gluten-free pasta, see how it goes with trout and a savory steamed custard.

  30. I’d shave a couple and put it in something simple like soup. I had this potato soup I thought was going to be just OK until I tried a spoonful and realized it had truffle shavings in it. Best thing I’ve had in months.

  31. Oh man…white truffles. My favorite thing to do with truffles is to eat them, and my favorite way is on salads. Simple, but utterly delicious. And then I would make 4 pounds of risotto and make my family eat it 🙂

  32. Oh how divine! I would love pairing truffles with abundance cheese or simply in a beautiful pasta.

  33. What would I do with a truffle. Well, after I finish just staring at it and oohing and aahing for a few hours….Shaved over a bowl of freshly made buttered pasta! Risotto! But since I have NEVER had a truffle, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  34. I am not sure yet, but I would def. make it the star of the show! A Risotto maybe? I will start looking at recipes now so I will know for sure what to do with it, if I win it, yay! Very exciting!

  35. I would try to duplicate a white truffle risotto I had in Florence, Italy three years ago…I can still taste and smell it!

  36. I would plan a 5 course meal around it serving truffle in each and every course. I wonder if I could pull a drink off along with it….hmm…scratches her head…

  37. I cook for one, that would be me, and even I might be challenged to use them up within a reasonable amount of time. Risottos, Richard Olney-style scrambled eggs, creamy pastas all come to mind. And I’d certainly explore them with a portion of the lovelies. The rest I would divide up as early Christmas presents among some wonderful friends who I know would appreciate their heavenliness. Thank you, what a lovely idea for a give-away.

  38. Gnocchi, raviolinis, risottos, softly scrambled eggs, pizza…the possibilities – and my ability to eat – are endless! What an awesome giveaway, thanks!!

  39. One whole ounce? Wow. Well … there’s storing it in the rice while I decide, and later making risotto from that perfumed rice. Potatoes with truffles, truffled vinaigrette, the most decadent beans ever, pasta with sage and truffles. So many choices!

    Please, make me have to decide.

  40. After swooning in delight I would text my foodie friends and organize a truffle orgy of sorts. The best recipe suggestion would merit a double serving of the winning dish suggestion. (Any excuse for a party!)

  41. A nice egg, with custardy runny yolk, with some roasted fingerling potatoes with onion chunks, all topped with freshly shaved white truffles and a amazing cup of black coffee. Sigh…….

  42. First, I’d invite some friends over for a dinner to share my good fortune. On the appointed day, I’d prepare a batch of homemade pasta that I’d lovingly cut into fettuccine ribbons. They’d turn out great! But by then I’d be thirsty. So I’d open a bottle of champagne and pour a glass both to celebrate successful noodles and revive myself after my labor. Wow, where did the time go? My guests will be here soon. I’d better step on it.

    Quickly I’d grate some aged Parmesan-Reggiano. I’d set out some European-style butter to soften, have my heavy cream at the ready. Ding-dong! Doorbell – guests are here! Champagne all around. We sit and chat, and nibble on some amusing amuse-bouches that I prepared earlier. When the time is right, we sit down for the first course. But first I put a pot of water on the boil. And I put some butter in a big frying pan and put it on the stove on low low heat.

    First course finished, and while my spouse and helpful guests clear away the dishes, I’m at the stove! The water is boiling; I let it. First I bring the pan with the butter up to heat so the butter just begins to foam, then I add heavy cream. Meanwhile I add salt to the water, and plop in my pasta. I stir so it won’t stick together – why I don’t know, because my pasta never sticks. In the time it takes the cream to come to a boil and reduce somewhat, the pasta is perfectly cooked. I drain it, then quickly add the fettuccine to the frying pan with the butter and cream. I toss quickly! A quick grating of nutmeg, a bit more cream, and then I add most of the Parmesan-Reggiano (leaving a bit so people can add more to their dish at table, if they wish). Toss, toss, quickly add black pepper, toss again until the pasta is enrobed in the rich sauce. I taste. Yes! Perfect. I portion the fettuccine – now obviously Fettuccine Alfredo – onto the plates.

    Reverently I reveal the Italian white Alba truffle (a whole ounce!) to the assembled company. Oohs and ahhs spontaneously escape their lips, quivering with anticipation of the truffle’s succulent flesh. Quickly – I don’t want the fettuccine to chill! – I shave the truffle over the plates, dividing it fairly, even-steven (OK, I can’t lie – I’d give myself just a tad extra). Each guest grabs a plate and we repair to the dining room. We recharge our glasses with champagne, and . . . well, you know the rest.

    Anyway, that’s what I’d do with one ounce of white Alba truffles.

  43. I would make a steaming bowl of pasta (carbonara with truffles? mm) and a huge plate of eggs, yumm truffles!

  44. oh the possibilities! i think i would try to go simple and make kind of a pasta alla carbonara, but without the pancetta, and instead shave truffles on top of the eggy, creamy, cheesy concoction at the end.

  45. Risotto is the first thing that comes to mind, followed by stuffed ravioli for the Italian side of the family and perogies for the Russian side of the family. (yes, I know similar…)

    Also a nice wild rice and mushroom dish.

  46. I would make a lobster and truffle risotto seasoned with shallots, thyme, white pepper and a touch of pimenton. I would use a light seafood stock and white wine as my liquid for making the risotto.

  47. I would sauté up some cornish game hens that have been spatcocked with garlic/fresh thyme/ shallots, Finish in the oven. Once done, take out of pan – deglaze with veal stock/ vermouth, reduce then add shaved Alba truffle to
    pan sauce-simmer another minute then serve it drizzled over game hens with Pomme Anna potatos & grilled asparagus ! Any left over truffle will gladly be used in a fantastic omelet the next morning for the family to enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  48. I would stare for an hour at the box and then shave them into some sort of creamy, subtly cheesy risotto for Thanksgiving. Or add them to soft poached eggs. Mmmm!

  49. I have only had truffles ONCE in my life, and I still remember how incredible they tasted. I would love to do something deliciously decadent like truffle mac-n-cheese or even grilled pizza topped in truffles!

  50. At $300 an ounce I think fresh made pasta with butter and fresh stock Scallops, Mussels, Calamari, topped with some pan seared soft shells.

  51. Oh man, does shaving it paper-thin and rolling in it count as a good use?

    Other than that….pasta and risotto and potatoes and eggs and gnocchi and entrees and appetizers and OH MY. One of each please, and then some.

    I’d also bury it in some good carnaroli rice to perfume it so that once the precious jewel was gone, I’d have some of its essence still around for a few more risottos.

    That would all be after I just inhaled its fragrence for about 3 weeks…..

  52. savory truffled scrambled eggs for breakfast

    bologna sandwich at work for lunch

    Delicious risotto for dinner with family to share the experience

    Truffle Honey Ice Cream for dessert

  53. Oh my goodness, the possibilities!

    I’d probably make super custardy-creamy truffled scrambled eggs. Then slip away into my own personal heaven!

  54. I would indulge in this luxury and have a feast with the ppl that are close to my heart.
    It would be a treat for all of us.

  55. I would… well, to be honest I’ve never had a truffle, but would love the chance to try them. From the responses I”ve read, I’d probably try with eggs, and maybe with crab macaroni and cheese… Once I’ve tried them I’m sure I’d come up with other ideas…

  56. Shoot! I can’t hit enter w/o submitting, so sorry for the double comment! Can we imaginarily delete the first one? (and yes, I just made up a word.) I was trying to add that I’d shave a bunch over risotto 🙂

  57. Truffles are best when mixed with a fat…..so butter is my fat of choice and I would most likely make a traditional truffle risotto along with a non-traditional salad of dandelion greens, poached eggs and shaved truffles…..yum!

  58. With the truffles I win, I will:

    * Make truffled mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner
    * Shave truffles over pasta
    * Make truffled rice
    * Make my own truffle oil

    I sure hope I win…

  59. I have never had a truffle, but since I am a mushroom junkie I surely could find a very good use for it. We have some kind of mushroom every day fresh or dried (our own shiitakes or oysters or purchased dried of many kinds). Right now we’re on a candy cap kick, amazing the things you can do with mushrooms.

  60. If someone else wins this…can I beg off a couple shavings? :)… I think I will go with some type of risotto… I am thinking a seafood risotto with some perfectly seared scallops and shrimp in a white wine reduction with parmesan cheese…The pièce de résistance? White truffle shavings of course!

  61. I would scour the internet for the best truffle recipes I can find. Having never even tried the flavor of truffle, I have a hard time imagining what to put it in on my own. I would LOVE the chance to expand my cooking horizons and palate.

  62. I NEED a truffle! Really! I am going to be reviewing a book called Truffles, and there is not a gourmet store near me where I can find one! I love them, and my birthday is next week to boot! If I don’t win, feel free to send a small one my way as a consolation. You know I will promote you in the post!! 🙂

  63. New to truffles, I would try a homemade radish and synching pickle (garden harvests) with orange zest, pomegranate seeds, and shaved truffle as a fancified starter

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