Fresh Oysters

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Live oysters are flavorful and refreshing.  Though they are also delicious cooked, slurping them down on the half shell is one of life’s greatest gastronomic pleasures.  As the French like to say, “Eating a raw oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips.”

Live Olympia oysters are a great choice for beginners because of their small size, while live Kumamoto oysters and Pacific oysters are a hit with connoisseurs.  For large oysters, try live Virginica oysters, grown 3-5 years before harvest!  All of these oysters are farmed off the coast of Washington State.

Live Oyster Sampler – 4 dozen
This Live Oyster Sampler includes 1 dozen each of Pacifics, Virginicas, Kumamotos, and Olympias.

Live Pacific Oysters – 3 dozen
Extremely hearty with a mild flavor suited to many applications, Pacific oysters are a popular fresh oyster choice.

Live Olympia Oysters – 3 dozen
Olympia oysters’ small size (1-2 inches) and full-bodied flavor makes them a good choice for oyster beginners.

Live Kumamoto Oysters – 3 dozen
Kumamoto oysters are smooth and fruity.  This flavor, and their beautiful fluted, deep cupped shell, makes them a connoisseur favorite.

 Live Virginica Oysters – 3 dozen
Large Virginica oysters possess a clean, briny, smooth sweetness and a pronounced mineral finish. 

Shucked Oyster Meat – 64 oz
Pre-shucked Pacific oysters are a great choice for cooked oyster appetizers and entrees.

 Oyster Knife
The fastest, easiest, and safest way to open fresh oysters is a high-quality oyster knife.  High-carbon steel blade, nonporous bulb-shaped handle & high grip.

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  3. For an 8 year old boy to like oysters – for that reason alone, he should win! vote for Leslie Youngstrom!!!!

  4. I’m voting for Leslie Youngstrom and eight year old Will. I remember winning a contest at a young age, it’s something you never forget! Plus, he seems to have a genuine love of oysters!

  5. Without a doubt, eight year old Will (son of Leslie Youngstrom) is a compelling case… even though he is a Dodger fan. He gets my vote!

  6. I’m a giants fan but I will still vote for Will. Any 8 year old boy that likes oysters has got to be a winner!

  7. The kid is good, but I’ll cast a vote for Miriam who’ll feed 8 grad students…so hard for grad students to find high quality food like raw oysters offer.

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