Venison Recipe Challenge

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With fall underway and winter upon us, we’re excited to cook with one of our favorite traditional fall and winter meats- Venison! Venison has become a traditional fall and winter meat for a reason- its rich game flavor pairs well with some of our favorite fall and winter ingredients like apples, pears, mushrooms, juniper berries, and red wine. It’s perfect for this time of year!

For this challenge, we’re looking for 10 creative food bloggers to create delicious venison dishes that focus on fall and winter flavors.

The venison we’ll be using for this challenge is the best we’ve ever had. Silver Fern Farms Venison is raised in New Zealand and is prized for its lean yet tender cuts, robust flavor, and excellent animal husbandry standards. Its flavor is elegant and less intense than wild venison, so it lends itself well to many different flavor combinations. We think you’ll have a blast cooking with it!

The blogger who creates the winning recipe will receive an awesome prize- $300 credit to!


The rules for the challenge are as follows:

1. Email your name, shipping address, and blog URL to becca (at) marxfoods (dot) com by the end of the day on Monday, 11/16. On Tuesday, 11/17 Becca and Justin will review the details and choose the 10 participating bloggers. We’ll then contact all of the bloggers to let them know if they’ve been selected.

2. On Wednesday 11/18 we will ship Cervena Venison to the selected bloggers. Shipments will be sent overnight via FedEx and will arrive on 11/19. Since the product is perishable and shipped frozen, someone will need to be available to receive the shipment on the arrival date.

3. Each blogger must publish their recipe and send the link to Becca by the end of the day on Sunday, 12/6.



We will compile all of the posts and publish links to each one in a blog post. From there, we will be conducting a public vote on our blog. The vote will run from Tuesday 12/8 through the end of the day on Sunday 12/13.

For the public vote, the blogger in 1st place will receive 3 points, 2nd place will receive 2 points, and 3rd place will receive 1 point.

We’ll also be asking three of our key team members, Ryan, Matthew, and Kim, to choose their favorite entries. Each staff pick will receive 2 points.

Once the voting is complete, we’ll tally up all the points to choose the winner! We’ll announce the winner on our blog on Wednesday, 12/16.

The winner of the ­­­­­­­challenge will receive $300 credit to!

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  1. We would love to participate in another Marx Food blogger recipe challenge. We (Natalie and I) were just discussing working with venison! So this is exciting.

    Thanks, Holly

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