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Below you’ll find ten ingenious cocktails invented by the foodie blogosphere using Szechuan buttons – an exotic edible flower that makes your mouth tingle when you chew it.

Knuckle Salad’s Tootsie Pop Rock Martini and At Home with Rebecka’s Bite My Sweet Tarts-Tini were judged the most exciting by readers of the Marx Foods blog and the other contestants but all the recipes warrant a peek to discover new techniques and ideas for using this cutting-edge cocktail ingredient.

Just Get Floury: The Electric GinGer Button

Insatiable: Love’s First Kiss

At Home with Rebecka: Bite My Sweet Tarts-Tini

An Opera Singer in the Kitchen: Electric Green

The Bad Girl’s Kitchen: The Citrus Shock

A Cook Walks into a Bar: Buzz of the Green Fairy

My Kitchen Kreations to You: Grown-Up Frothy & Fuzzy Chocolate Milk-tini

A Happy Girl and Loving Life…: Berry Lightning

Knuckle Salad: The Tootsie Pop Rock Martini

First, Make a Roux! ‘Lectric Carrot

Other unusual cocktail ingredients packed with possibility are dulce buttons and shiso leaves.  We offer a mixologist sampler that combines all three into a single order so you can experiment to your heart’s content.

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  1. electric blue:

    1.5 ounces dolin vermouth blanc
    1.5 ounces hendricks gin
    0.5 ounces hypnotic
    1 finely powdered buzz button
    2 dashes orange bitters
    1 dash angostura bitters

    for garnish:
    orange slices
    1 whole button

    shake with ice and strain.
    garnish with two thick orange slices.
    cut buzz button into quarters, leaving the bottom part of the flower intact.
    wedge stem of button between orange slices.

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