Porcini Mushroom Rub for Grass-Fed Steaks

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Makes 1/4 Cup

Believe it or not, porcini mushrooms make a wonderful ingredient in spice rubs when ground into a powder. In addition to earthy mushroom flavor, they bring a lot of meat-friendly umami. We used this rub with grass-fed beef steaks, but you could use it on kobe beef, bison, wild boar, pork or poultry.




Toast the cardamom seeds in a dry pan until fragrant.  Add the ground cinnamon and continue to toast for ten seconds, stirring.

porcini in food processor


Rub the resulting powder on your meat of choice.

rub porcini powder


Optional, but ideal: rest the meat in your refrigerator for a couple of hours prior to cooking to allow the rub flavors to better penetrate it.


Grill, broil, pan-roast, or otherwise cook the meat as you normally would.

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