Disposable Palm Leaf Plates: Pros & Cons

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We wanted to know more about eco-friendly disposable palm leaf plates. The food blogging community has field tested them extensively. Here is their collective verdict:


● Compostable
● Nice looking, with a natural wood-grain finish.
● Disposable
● Sturdy
● Lightweight
● Each plate is unique.
● Upscale look.
● Thick
● Don’t try this at home, but one reviewer discovered that they are less flammable than paper or plastic plates.
● Stands up to steak knives.
● Conversation starter.


● Not the cheapest option.
● Absorbs some liquids, and if liquids sit for hours they can leak through.
● Bubbles can form in the finish when microwaved (though we tried and failed to reproduce this problem).
● Bottoms are not always completely flat – there may be a little curvature.
● Some plates have the words “Eco Vision” stamped into the bottom.
● Have a slight vinegary scent (which dissipates if they’re aired out before use).
● Edges can be a little rough.
● Not perfectly uniform.
● Can’t lick/sop up every last morsel because some food bits get caught in the grooves.

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