Living Greener with Disposable Plates

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In the spirit of our biodegradable palm plates, we asked our readership to tell us things they were doing to make the world a greener place and got 140 responses, here are just a few of the great ones:

Some people offered innovative eco-living tips like:

I’m greener because I bought 50 white shop towels and keep them next to the sink. I use them instead of paper towels, they get washed every week. I bought them 18 months ago and they are still in use.  – Robin T. in Orange, CA

Others employed humor:

I’m greener because I feed my leftovers to my boyfriend instead of throwing them away. – Anya in Astoria, NY

And a special few took their eco-friendly commitment to truly heroic heights:

I’m greener because I dumpster dive to save recyclable bottles, and recycle-bin dive to clean out the trash, making me a little green in the face, somewhat sticky, and wholly devoted to keeping the world green by being green!  – Vanessa S. in Solana Beach, CA

We salute you Vanessa (and those like you).  We’d love to shake your hand …just as soon as you’ve washed it.

For those of you who look at this massive outpouring of eco-pride and don’t see the connection with disposable plates, consider this:

These plates, while just as convenient and disposable as popular plastic and paper plates:
     • Are stronger, they don’t get soggy or buckle.
     • Are far more attractive with a wood feel and appearance.  Many couples feel comfortable using them as disposable wedding plates!
     • Biodegrade naturally and can even be composted.
     • Are pressed directly from naturally discarded palm leaves, no trees are cut down or harmed in any way…their dropped leaves (a renewable resource) are just being recycled.
     • Are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need, including round dinner plates, rectangular dinner plates, and hexagonal dinner plates in addition to bowls, picnic sets, and matching wood utensils.  This convenient variety also means that multiple plates and bowls can be easily pressed from each leaf, reducing waste.

So yes, you CAN avoid doing the dishes in an environmentally friendly manner that doesn’t involve getting your dog to lick them clean!

(Not that you’d do that anyway…right?)

Comments 142

  1. I’m greener because I started recycling before it was cool, and because I never throw anything away if there is a way to reuse it.

  2. I’m greener because I bought 50 white shop towels and keep them next to the sink. I use them instead of paper towels, they get washed every week. I bought them 18 months ago and they are still in use.

  3. I’m greener because, I can recycle all my food scraps, paper/mail, cans, and most plastics, and all yard waste. I grow many vegetables. The plastic grocery bags are reused on dog walks. I replaced all my toilets with low flow, and all my light bulbs are energy efficient.

  4. I’m greener because I reuse my grocery bags, I’m greener because I make sure to use plastic containers instead of sandwiches baggies!

  5. I’m greener, because I try to be mindful in my choices: shopping bags made of cloth, empty yogurt tubs turned into kitchen containers, paper bags reused until they basically fall apart (at that point they can be used one last time to keep hot bell pepper prior to removing their skin), recyclables brought to the appropriate facility and food scrap composted.

  6. I’m greener because:

    1. I recycle whatever I can – plastic containers, plastic packaging, paper, etc. I even hang onto cans and bottles when I’m out so I can recycle when I get home.

    2. I nag my family and former roommates to recycle.

    3. I bought a reusable water bottle so I don’t have to buy water.

    4. I use tote bags when reasonable. If I can’t, then I encourage the cashiers to combine items because they usually give me five bags for ten items >.>

  7. I’m greener because we compost, grow our own herbs and vegetables and collect rain water for watering our garden.

  8. I’m greener, because we started a compost bin this year. Now our leftover food feeds the “wormins” (worms to anyone over 5 years old)!

  9. I’m greener because I walk to school, recycle, and reuse my bags. I also use biodegradable forks, knives, and spoons whenever possible.

  10. I am greener because I re-use the plastic bags my newspapers are delivered in. I use them to dispose of the solids in my cats’ litter pans.

  11. I am greener because I use bedsheets from the thrift store to back the quilts I make. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  12. I’m greener because I like to recycle -ycle -ycle -ycle (it’s an echo…see I even like to reuse my words.)

  13. I’m greener because, I use reusable bags instead of plastic bags when I grocery shop, and because I take public transportation as frequently as possible rather than a cab or other motor vehicle.

  14. I’m greener because I opened up my eyes and ears and finally paid attention! This year’s new year’s resolution was to recycle and help renew the environment. I’m only sorry it took so long.

  15. I’m greener because I drink locally brewed beer (vs. trucking it across the country) and I recycle.

  16. I recycle, grow herbs on my balcony, walk to work, and pull cans and bottles out of public trash cans 🙂

  17. I’m greener because, WE HAVE NO CHOICE. Actually I convinced my college to recycle (just a few meetings, hand shaking and a lot of smiling-You can find good statistics on the internet) and they just started. I’m not finished yet!

  18. I’m greener because my apartment garden supplies enough pumpkins, chilies, and tomatoes to make my whole street happy. 🙂

  19. I’m greener because I’m an obsessive recycler. When my kids object to my bundled papers, I tell them the papers may return as a large check.

  20. I’m greener because all my gifts are given in natural fabric gift bags which I sew myself and any leftover fabric scraps are composted.

  21. I’m greener because the economy is awful and I’m always finding new ways to reuse. My grandmother was alive during the great depression and taught me how to save leftovers and make many more meals out of them. I’ve never used palm plate settings before, but hear wonderful things about their durability and construction. I am VERY excited to add them to my “GREEN ARSENAL” and stick it to “the Man”.

  22. I’m greener because, I eat wild fresh huckleberries instead of berries grown with pesticides.

  23. I’m greener because we use our whole house fan rather than the air conditioning whenever possible.

  24. I’m greener because I use reusable bags and I grow and freeze as many of the vegetables and fruit I can during the spring and summer.

  25. I’m greener because I dumpster dive to save recyclable bottles, and recycle-bin dive to clean out the trash, making me a little green in the face, somewhat sticky, and wholly devoted to keeping the world green by being green!

  26. I’m greener because my children says that I recycle all of our food. They say that you never know what kind of “mystery meal” we will be having tomorrow from the leftovers cooked today (lol). We also eat more vegetarian meals than we used to.

    I also use my fruit & veggie scraps along with fallen leaves & used food plants in my compost pile. I grow a lot of my own vegetables and dry some of the seeds to harvest for next time to plant. I collect rainwater and recycle my dish water to use on my plants.

    I have replaced some of my light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and use candles and oil lamps more; I wash some of my clothes in cold water to save energy.

  27. I’m greener because I got rid of my car and either walk, bike or take public transport everywhere I go, I use re-usable shopping bags made from recycled material, and reuse everthing I can and then recycle it.

  28. I’m greener because I recycle in a hard to find a recycle center town, use reuseable bags for groceries, have a garden and compost.

  29. I am greener because I buy local produce and grow some food in my back yard, but mostly because I can’t win over algies in my pool this year.

  30. I’m greener because I don’t buy things on the spur of the moment. I’ve wanted these plates desperately for the last two years so I could show them off at our family reunion and try to get my relatives to use them, too!

  31. I’m greener because…

    – I use a reusable water bottle and get water from home instead of buying bottled

    – I use reusable bags for groceries, say no to plastic OR recycle them if I do happen to get one.

    – My husband and I ride together to work every day

    – I buy what I can from our local farmer’s market each week before hitting a grocery store

  32. I’m greener because: I don’t use plastic bags, take my lunch in washable/reusable containers, only wash clothes in cold water and air dry as much as possible and find new homes/uses for old worn out items.

  33. I’m greener because I recycle everything, I metro to work even though that means I lose an hour in my day, I buy green products and products from companies that are green

  34. I am greener because use baby wipes that I have made from cloth scarps rather than disposables.

  35. I’m greener because I walk/bike everywhere I can.
    I’m greener because I try to use my reusable grocery bag whenever I go shopping! (:

  36. I’m greener because we all need to be aware of how much we effect our environment. My small town is 20 years behind the rest of the world and has no recycling program. I recycle anyway and drive to the next town.

  37. I’m greener because I compost, grow my own vegetables and take reuseable bags to the grocery store. I also recycle all paper goods.

  38. I am greener because, I use reusable shopping bags.
    I am greener because, I make most of my food from stratch.
    I am greener because I go to the Farmer’s Market and support my local farmers.
    I am greener because my husband & I carpool one day a week.

  39. I’m greener because:
    -I compost all my non-meat kitchen waste
    -I have reuseable grocery and produce bags (and recycle all the plastic bags they manage to sneak in on me)
    -I drink filtered water instead of bottled water
    -I use cat litter made from recycled newspaper (Yesterday’s News)
    -I shop at the local farmers’ market and buy locally produced pastured beef, forested pork, free-range chickens and wild caught gulf shrimp

  40. I’m greener because I walk to work, use a tumbler instead of disposable coffee cups, and recycle.

  41. I’m greener because not only do I recycle, use fabric grocery bags, bury my citrus peels under my hydrangea, put my coffee grounds around my roses, I even have a green thumb.

  42. I’m greener because I’m one of those people that actually rinses out Ziploc bags to use over again until they’re pretty much not clear anymore…

  43. I’m greener because I walk 40 min to work everyday, bike to other places, recycle, and try to use as little electricity in my home as possible.

  44. Don’t know if Canadians can enter, but it’s worth a shot…

    I’m greener because my husband and I went down to 1 car and we carpool to work together. It’s not always easy as we have different schedules some days, but we make it work. We’re also a few thousand dollars richer for every year we do this!

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  46. I’m greener because I moved to a (green) house, started a compost pile, and bought my first (green) rain barrel.

  47. I’m Greener because i only eat organic/all natural foods, ride my bike/walk whenever i can instead of using a car and recycle all my newspaper and bottles (even bottles from school/work that i used i will take home with me to recycle!).

  48. I’m greener because we have changed all of the lightbulbs in our home (with the exception of two uncompromising fixtures) to CFL’s. I was happy I could do it!

  49. I am greener because i keep a supply of re-usable grocery bags with me in my car and use them when I go shopping. I usually try to walk to a few places too so the gas doesn’t get used.

  50. I have been “green” before it was a big sensation. For over 30 years I have been recycling my paper, cans, plastic, etc. I take advantage of farmer’s markets to eat locally, organically and sustainably. That has been part of my lifestyle for over 25 years. As a woodworker, I frequently use sustainably raised products. If I find a product that I think has too much packaging or wrapping for the contents, I will divert to different brands in the future. I think about items before throwing them away if I can repurpose them or give to somebody else who would find it useful. It’s part of my lifestyle and has been for years.

  51. I’m greener because my parents use reusable bags when they go grocery shopping, if they remember.

  52. I’m greener because the garbage man told me we are the best recyclers on his route! What an honor.

  53. I am greener because I only use cloth napkins, cloth towels and don’t have a paper plate in my house. I would love to try your plates though.

  54. I’m making the world a greener place by re-using a sports water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. I also got my family members and friends re-usable bottles too so that they can stop buying plastic bottles too.

  55. I am greener because I recycle bottles, walk daily instead of driving, harvest veggies and herbs at my local school as part of the CitySprouts program and encourage recycle/donating clothes when my son has outgrown them.

  56. I am greener because I walk to work, reuse paper, recycle plastic containers and minimize use of water and electricity when possible.

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  58. I am greener because I buy my furniture from estate sales and second hand stores. And it is made better than most stuff made today!

  59. I’m greener because i love to work as a landscaper and make stuff out of nothing and truly see the true beauty in everything the world has to offer and make the world a happier place knowing i did my job

  60. I’m greener because I walk everywhere in Manhattan. I average almost six miles a day! I also grow vegetables and re-use plastic bags at the organic vegetable co-op.

  61. I’m greener because I taught my children to recycle everything at an early age and buy used things when you can.

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