Oregon Truffle Storage & Handling Tips

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Oregon Truffle Storage & Handling Tips

Oregon truffles are different species than European varieties. Here are some handling tips straight from our foragers to help you get the most out of them.

As a general rule, when ordering from Marx Foods, Oregon White Truffles should be used or frozen within 3-4 days of arrival. Oregon Black Truffles typically should be used or frozen within 4-5 days of arrival.

However, truffles can actually last longer than these estimates, depending on how ripe they were when harvested and how they were handled. Here are some recommendations:

How to Maximize Oregon Truffle Shelf Life:

  • Avoid touching Oregon truffles with your bare hands – use a paper towel to pick them up.
  • Be gentle with them to avoid bruising.
  • Put them in your refrigerator (wrapped in a paper towel) immediately after opening the box.

When to freeze:

If your truffles start to soften (from firm) or develop a “sour” smell, then it’s time to freeze them. Because frozen truffles are softer, they should be thawed just enough to slice. The warmth of your food will thaw the thin slices the rest of the way.

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