Want to Test Drive our Amazing New Squash Seed Oils!?

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UPDATE:  We have selected our participants for this review and mailed out the goods.  Please stay tuned for future recipe challenges and other blogger opportunities.

We’re looking for six food bloggers to try our new butternut squash seed oil and delicata squash seed oil (1 bottle of our choice to each blogger) and write 100% candid reviews with dish/flavor pairing suggestions.  We think these products are amazing, but we want to know what you think.

We are looking for everything from flavor profile articulations to pairings to criticisms to recipes.  If you want to try a bottle and put it through it’s paces, send an e-mail with your name, mailing address & blog url to Katie at kwallace (at) marxfoods (dot) com by February 10.  We’ll pick six people and get the oils on their way soon thereafter.

Just to make things more exciting and encourage you guys to go all-out, we’re offering a prize for the most thorough & honest review, with the most inspired pairings, published by March 4th.  The blogger who provides the most honest, thorough and useful product review will receive their choice of a six-pound box of either butternut squash ravioli or pumpkin & sage ravioli!

Let the games begin!

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  1. I’d love to try some butternut squash seed oil and delicata squash seed oil. I enjoy challenges of trying products I haven’t tried. It’s fun to brainstorm especially when it the subject is a unique oil. I feel experienced in cooking oils as I buy 8 different flavored oils from Sciabica’s Olive Oil. It would be interesting to compare the butternut squash oil and delicata squash seed oil to the oils I currently use.

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