New: Child-Blown Dandelion Seeds

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With the coming of Spring, wild produce is starting to become available again, and we have augmented our offerings this year with a new hand-foraged wild product: child-blown dandelion seeds.

Child-blowing is the preferred gathering technique amongst dandelion foragers because it aerates the pappi (chef’s term for the seeds’ attached “parachutes”) making them fluffier on the plate and better at capturing vinaigrettes.

Dandelion seeds make a terrific garnish for miner’s lettuce salads (particularly served on palm leaf plates to complete the ‘woodsy’ look) with a nutty, green flavor.

In keeping with Marx Foods’ other product offerings, these all-natural dandelion seeds are 100% blown by real children and offer several husbandry & gourmet benefits beyond other seeds found on the market:

Taraxacum Officinale is classified as an invasive species in the Pacific Northwest that
competes with local plants for limited resources.  You are actually helping the environment
by encouraging their capture.

Certified Child Blown:
Minimum 5 seconds flight time before being caught in the hand or on the provided paper

Humanely Captured:
       •  Between “blowings” children are allowed to frolic naturally within their designated 30 foot
       •  Umbrellas, coats, and mufflers are provided in the event of rain.
       •  Juice boxes, milk & peanut butter sandwiches served at regular intervals.
       •  1 hour daily nap time in compliance with Washington State child labor laws.

Industry Leading Sanitation:
All children required by state & national law to wash their hands before starting work and
after going to the potty.
       •  Cases of pinkeye cut from the production line until their condition improves.

Child-blown dandelion season is very short this year (Spring Break) so click here to order before they’re all gone!

April Fools!

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