Morel Recipe Challenge 2011 – The Recipes!

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These bloggers slaved away over hot ovens, stoves, and other cooking apparatuses to bring you a collection of new morel hors d’oeuvre recipes. Here are their creations!

All of the below recipes were made with dried morel mushrooms but could be adapted to use fresh morels (most will likely work with frozen morels too). Because this was a recipe challenge, there needed to be goodies at the end: three lucky bloggers received 2lbs of fresh morel mushrooms each! Here’s how:

  1. One blogger was picked by a challenger vote and was deemed the 3rd Annual Morel Recipe Challenge Champion
  2. The Champion selected a second challenger of their choice
  3. A third blogger (surprise!) was picked via a reader poll

Check out all of the amazing morel recipes submitted below:

The Well-Lived Life – Wild Edibles Three Ways

The Smart Kitchen – Mush-a-mara!

Poor Girl Eats Well – Morels & Spring Vegetables in Fillo “Flower Pots”

My Year on the Grill – Morel Mushrooms Creamed Spinach

Mango & Tomato – Mushroom Potato & Pea Potstickers

Making Food And Other Stuff – “Cheese” Stuffed Morels

Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker – Curried Morel Shortbread with Morel Chutney Cheese

Food For Thought (Kirsten) – Morel Mushroom and Goat Cheese Fried Raviolis

Foodie Wannabe – Morel Mushroom & Black Forest Ham Crème on Toast

Food For Thought (Dana) – Morel Mushroom and Brie Tart

Eat Love and Train – Morel Mini Kabobs

Cookistry – Morel Frittata Bites

Clearly Delicious – Rustic Morel Party Tart

Chow Bella – Piccole Torta Pasqualina con Morels (Mini Easter Pies w/ Morels)

Chez What? – Morel Mushroom Mousse in a Puff Pastry Cup

Big Apple Nosh – Morel Lollipops with Garlic Truffle Aioli

Adesina’s Kitchen – Mini Beef Wellington w/ Morel Bearnaise & Melted Leeks

Note: A couple of the above recipes do not cook the morels after reconstituting.  We recommend cooking morels before consumption for safety.

Comments 22

  1. I’m voting for Mini Beef Wellington w/ Morel Bearnaise & Melted Leeks! The blog post is as worthy as the recipe; wish I had some morels to roll in!

  2. Morel Mushroom Mousse in a Puff Pastry Cup looks the tastiest! I vote for this recipe

  3. So you know, the well lived life blog doesn’t exit according to blogger. You might want to check the account.

  4. Didn’t get to post this earlier, but just a congrats to all the competitors for their hard work. I’m inspired by all of your creativity in the kitchen 🙂

  5. My mouth is watering for the Morel Mushroom in a Puff Pastry ,it’s got my vote !!!!!

  6. I am voting for Morel Mushroom Mousse in a Puff Pastry Cup! It sounds like heaven and I’d be totally willing to eat it every day! Divine.

  7. I voted for the Mini Beef Wellington w/ Morel Bearnaise and melted leeks. Just typing that makes me want to eat them. The picture on the website is so lovely. I love how you can see all the character of the morel in the sauce!

  8. Seriously folks – there can be only one winner: Mini Beef Wellington w/ Morel Bearnaise & Melted Leeks. Just look at it. Your mouth is watering, isn’t is?

  9. I wanted to vote for you – but Sharon & I share a computer. If I could I would.

  10. Chez What’s Morel Mushroom Mousse in a Puff Pastry Cup gets my vote! He’s amazing as is all the food he prepares!

  11. i like to drink coffee with my donkey and then eat morel mushrooms and goat cheese fried raviolis…”el queso es muy viejo, donde esta el bano”

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