Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

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Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Makes 1 drink

This twist on the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail adds cherry & maple notes.

Maple Syrup Old Fashioned
  • 2oz Bourbon (we recommend Buffalo Trace)
  • ½ oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
  • 1 Luxardo Cherry
  • 1 ½” wedge of Orange
  • ½ oz Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
  • Garnish: Orange Zest Twist
    1 Luxardo Cherry



In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, muddle the orange wedge and a Luxardo cherry with the Luxardo maraschino and bourbon maple syrup.  Muddle until the cherry and orange form a paste.

Add six cubes of ice and the bourbon.  Shake to combine until well chilled.

Put the orange twist on the edge of a glass, put the remaining Luxardo cherry in the bottom.

Strain in the drink.  Serve.

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