Edible Flower Meanings Guide

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If you’re curious about flower symbolism and the “language of flowers,” we have written up a handy guide that will tell you the meaning of our edible flowers.

Not all sources agree on the meaning or anniversary association of each flower variety, so we did our best to list the most common associations for your reference in the chart below.

Flower Meaning Anniversary
Buy Edible Bachelor's Buttons Bachelor’s Buttons Single Blessedness
Buy Borage Flowers Borage Courage, Bluntness
Edible Calendulas for Sale Calendula Grace
Edible Camellias for Sale Camellia Graciousness, Gratitude
Red Passion
White Affection
Pink Longing
Buy Chive Blossoms Chive Blossom Protection, Courage
Edible Dahlias for Sale Dahlia Good Taste, Dignity 14th
Daisy Innocence 5th
Fennel Flowers Online Fennel Strength
Buy Edible Fuschsias Fuchsia Amiability 3rd
Bulk Fresh Lavender Lavender Devotion, Constancy
Buy Edible Marigolds Marigold Jealousy
Edible Nasturtium Blossoms Nasturtium Patriotism, Conquest 40th
Edible Orchids for Sale Orchid Rare Beauty, Magnificence, Luxury 28th
Edible Pansies for Sale Pansy Loving Thoughts, Thoughtfulness 1st
Buy Edible Snapdragons Snapdragon Deception, Presumption
Edible Roses for Sale Rose Beauty 15th
Light Pink Admiration
Red Passionate Love
White Purity
White + Red Together Unity
Yellow Joy, Friendship, Affection
Orange Enthusiasm, Desire
Assorted Colors “You are everything to me”
Fresh Rosemary Rosemary Constancy, Loyalty
Buy Basil Blossoms Sweet Basil Good Luck, Best Wishes
Violet Faithfulness, Modesty 50th
Blue Loyalty
White Innocence, Candor
Purple Love

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