How to Render Goose Fat from Trimmings

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How to Render Goose Fat from Trimmings

If you’ve bought a whole goose and cut it up (raw) into breasts and legs for other applications, you’ll be left with a lot of fat on the carcass. Goose fat is culinary gold and should not be discarded. Here’s how to render it out for use as a delicious cooking fat in other dishes.

(If you have boneless goose breasts and you want to render fat out of them before cooking them, use the technique in How to Render Duck Fat.)



Combine all excess fat timmings from your goose carcass in a large stock pot. Cover the bottom with at least an inch of water.


Put the stock pot over medium heat to bring the water to a simmer.


Simmer slowly until the pieces have shrunk and look like they’re about to start falling apart (about 1-2 hours later).


Discard the solids and strain the liquid using a fine mesh strainer or chinois, ideally through a layer of cheesecloth.

Let the liquid cool to around room temperature, then move it to your refrigerator to chill until the fat floats to the top and solidifies.


Discard the remaining liquid and store the fat in an air-tight container. Refrigerate for up to a month or freeze.