How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

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How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

Flowers with ice cubes in them make beautiful, elegant garnishes for water, signature cocktails, lemonade & other beverages. They’re a particularly good choice for weddings or summer/spring entertaining.
It’s important to use only edible flowers for these, as flowers from your florist may have been treated with chemicals that are not food safe (or may be poisonous varieties that aren’t food safe to begin with).
Once you have the right flowers, here’s what you do:


Buy distilled water (tap water will cloud the cubes), and bring it to a boil twice to help remove trapped air.


Make sure your ice cube tray is thoroughly rinsed (dust could cloud the cubes).


Fill the tray ½ of the way up with the prepared water.


Place your edible flower(s) or petal(s) in each cube slot. They’ll probably bob to the surface, that’s ok.


Freeze until the ice is set.


Fill the tray the rest of the way with the prepared water.


Freeze until the cubes are set.


To help prevent cracking from the cubes going from the freezer directly to your beverages, briefly swish them around in some ice water to help bridge the thermal gap. Serve!

Note: It’s difficult to get perfectly clear ice cubes at home, especially if you’re freezing them in a two-step process like this (because the flowers will float to the top and poke out from the cubes if you don’t suspend them), but this method should help.

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  1. Just a small creative thing like this but enough to make our life more enjoyable. Flowers with ice cubes,how cute they are! Thanks for sharing the video.

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